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A kid growing up without a salon is a weird beginning to a girl with interests gearing towards cosmetology. I talk a lot, so much in fact that my mother jokingly told me that I should become a hair stylist. I played with my doll’s hair and I distinctly remembered asking my mother how to braid. Imagine my surprise when I got to school and there were still girls there that didn’t know how to braid even out of highschool and they had been coloring and cutting hair for years before me. We homeschoolers didn’t get to have a cosmetology course like so many other schools had.

My interest in the videos came from watching other Youtubers and then doing my own makeup and wondering just how fun it would be to make a channel with my best friend. Somewhere where I can just write and be myself without having to worry about someone telling me what to do is a relaxing way to see this blog for me. No, it will not be a diary; nothing like the daily dish on whoever tries to make me mad or my road rage or naming any names. This is going to be my weekly log of what kind of workouts I do, recipes I loved, clothes and makeup I tried and worked for me and a mix of my cosmetology job as I venture out into the real world of salon work this January and play with hair like I’ve been doing since I was 12.

Shoutout to my girl Carsen for introducing me to makeup at the age when my hair and face needed some serious TLC; thanks to Alli from school for introducing me to Youtube videos;  big thank you to my Grandfather and my late Grandma for supporting me through school and being so genuinely interested in everything I did and the same goes for my parents; thank you to my models (especially my best friend who I usually bother until I'm blue in the face) who let me mess with their hair on any given Thursday or Tuesday when I see them; and also thanks to my best friend’s mom who came up with our catchy title for our Youtube which translated to our Instagram and now is the title of my blog.I have a ton of different interests, even more than I will share on this blog because literally anything artistic, I've tried.

One of my most fun projects is with my friends and it's when I get to showcase my skills in every area, fashion, beauty, and hair and gets to zero in on the natural beauty these ladies have. I want to do more projects, but the first one was the sunflower shoot from one of my oldest friends, Mary Catherine, to brand all of my accounts, and channel.

Project: Boho was my first one all by myself but I have many more in the works. Because of our busy schedules and limited resources right now and the fact that my photographer is going off to England this next semester, (I know, I know. I'm jealous too.) I won't have a terrible lot of time to do too many back to back. These were taken last August and lemme tell ya' something, there were so many bugs that decided to crawl up into the lining of my dress. It was disgusting. Also I wasn't sure whether or not they were stink bugs, so we had to carefully pick them out of the lining of my white dress since I didn't want bug guts everywhere. O.O gross, amiright?

Southern probz.  

Xoxo, Char