Beginnings, friendships, laughing too much, and failed bf makeover


Makeup has been my obsession for the past two years especially. Before, I dabbled in it a little and then I discovered Youtube channels and all of these Beauty Gurus and my life was changed. (haha, just kidding. Sort of. Bye bye blue eyeshadow all over my lid)

Ulta and Sephora have been my absolute go to and after I began splurging on makeup, I found a new form of artistry that I could explore and thus began the infatuation with loud, colorful makeup! My Youtube channel was always for fun and makeup and hair styling became my go to on there.   

So literally the reason that I started a Youtube was to branch out and do something fun while having a good time with my best friend. It could further my business if I ever decided to do more hair on this channel and keep me busy with projects. Lord only knows how much I love a good project :D

This is linked to our very first video here.

Check it out if you want to see us horribly embarrass ourselves and learn this different braided updo! :) 

xoxo, Char