Project: Boho


Project: Boho originally just a project until my good friend and photographer Mary Catherine suggested that we use this as my branding logos and photos. It was my "promo" into my Youtube channel and slowly filtered to everything else because I'm absolutely in love the way they all turned out.

We shot this photoshoot during the "Golden Hour" in a cornfield/sunflower strip. It was only a few rows and in several, you can see the tractor behind me but mostly, just God's beautiful creation plus some of the grossest bugs ever that crawled into the layers of my dress and wanted to seriously freak me out. Normally, bugs don't really "bug" (pun intended ;) ) me that much but they were literally inside the folds of my WHITE dress. If you squish bugs, their bug guts get everywhere and that's disgusting and that white dress is probably the only all white thing that I still own :P I stain literally every single white thing.

My white Nikes that I got on Black Friday, as I'm writing this mind you, got stepped on by some muddy shoes and I'm not gonna lie. There was a part of me that got a little too frustrated for it just being a silly shoe, haha. Whatever. It's just a shoe. And they are all white shoes. So let's be real. I'm an idiot for even buying them and expecting them to remain spotless forever, especially when I have a radar that just makes me wear my all white shoes on every single rainy day that we ever have. Ha, oh whale.

My dress is from Old Navy and my hat was borrowed from a friend so I'm not exactly sure where it came from.

xoxo, Char