Knotted Mohawk Picture Tutorial

  1. Start with fluffy day old hair for added texture and thickness. If not, check out my fav dry shampoo right here)

  2. Part of the top of your hairline (mohawk area) from each corner of your temple right above your eyebrow arch.

  3. Pinch your parted off area with your index fingers and pin securely for a little volume in the front and the beginning of our knotted mohawk.

  4. Take the remaining hair from this section into a tail and twist near the crown of your head so that the hair becomes a loop.

  5. Using your other hand and the index fingers of the hand holding the loop, tuck the ends through the loop and pull together loosely into a small, messy bun and pin either sides and if needed, the front bottom to your head to secure.

  6. See how the ends can tuck into the loop? Just pull through and pin.

  7. It should look loosely like this when you are done.

  8. For the second knot, part off the section of hair from your temples down to the tops of your ears.

  9. Repeat the knot that we did above but keeping it right underneath the top knot. Twist the base and twirl the ends around to make a loop.

  10. Tuck the ends through the loop and pull through with your index fingers until it's loosely made into another knotted bun. Pin on the outside edges and one or two in the middle to keep it secure.

  11. It should look like this when you are done with both knots. You can even leave it like this and it's still really cute and full!

  12. If you want all of it up, part off the remaining hair and repeat the knotted steps, making sure to keep it tight below the last knot and not leaving any spaces between it. When you are done pinning, you can pull bits of the bun and massage the edges to fluff it out.

  13. This should be the final result when you are done! If the sides are too fluffy out and you want a more skin tight look back into the mohawk, take hairpins and pull your hair tightly and pin the hair with the hairpin straight up and down along the knotted mohawk. It will lay flush with the hair, adding to the overall messy effect only on the mohawk.