A New Years, New Resolutions and New Challenges


 Most people when it comes to New Years eve, either laugh off the possibility of following a set of new rules to live by like going to the gym every day and eating healthier or they promise themselves fiercely before failing about a month into it and resolving to do it “next year”.

I fall into both categories but I did want to challenge myself last year to writing down prayer requests and putting them in a jar. At the end of the year, I will empty this jar and read the prayers that I put in there and see what has been answered and what hasn’t happened yet. The ones yet to come will remain in the jar to wait until next New Year’s and the answered ones will be thanked for and written about in my prayer journal. Can you tell I like to write everything out yet? :P

I set this as a goal to TRUST in God. I have major trust issues, especially relinquishing any control over my life to anyone. I can’t stand relying on anyone, and it’s a deep rooted pride issue as well as harmful to my walk with Christ. If I can’t trust God to take care of my life, I can’t trust anybody. That’s what I’m trying to teach myself. Of course, God can fix whatever problem I put before Him. I know that but the inner untrusting human instinct within me pretends that He can’t. He made the world. I know He can fix my measly problem of not being able to get in a happier mood for the day.

My New Year’s Resolution for 2017 is to budget my finances, I know I’m an adult now and this sucks. Also, I should’ve done this a long time ago and I completely fell off of the wagon. I found a bunch of cute things for a budget book from Walmart and Target. I picked a fun notebook and filled it with a little system to separate various things. I have two envelopes glued to the front inside notebook holder, one for Tithe, and one for money to go to the bank. This can range from tips to babysitting money or on occasion, if I get paid for doing things around the house. Don’t judge me, I still live with my parents.  :P

My second resolution is to go back to my soda only on weekends, and spending less money on things-especially eating out. This kind of goes with my budgeting as I need to stop spending money on useless things so that I can spend it on things like a new car, gas money, insurance and things I need like clothes for work or when I run out of makeup products. I also run out of skin products rather quickly and hair products so I need the funds for that instead of little snacky food that isn’t making me feel better or helping in any way with my working out or overall health. I’ll talk more about my health tricks and skin care in another post.

And lastly, my new challenge on top of the prayer jar I will continue this year is keeping a notebook by my bed. In the morning before I get out of bed and at night before I go to bed, I read a chapter or two of my Bible and I want to add this notebook challenge to it in the morning. I want to write down something I’m thankful for-just one thing. I want to remind myself of all that God has given me and I want to continue to work on being thankful for what I already have and how bountifully blessed I am to have all of it. I want to stop always wanting more and more and more. It’s good to have goals but it’s not healthy to constantly want more of everything. Only God can fill that void in our hearts that we so often fill with other things.

I’m obsessed with clothes and makeup and I want to be able to mix and match these things and get rid of the things I don’t use.

I want this year to de-clutter and re-organize all that I have and make it more functional and more useable. I have clothing stashes all over my room and our spare room, and I want to go through each stash and slowly weed out the things that I don’t wear or don’t need. 

What are you going to accomplish in 2017?

Xoxo, Char