Nashville, Carrie Underwood, and Log Cabins


My grandmother apparently lives freakishly close to Carrie Underwood, something that I had never known until this past visit when we came up for Christmas. Like wut. Carrie Underwood is an absolute babe. I love her voice.

Anyways, I'll get over that fact and move on to my little part about one of my favorite places in the world. Literally the city never brought me so much happiness and peace as this little slice into the country life. I already live in the country but this is deep into horse and cattle territory, being one of the hardest places to get a freaking phone signal, let's be real.  This is my fav place, a ginormous log house set in the country and up above is the barn where they kept their horses for so long. (Short story note, the only reason why I wasn't more jealous of the fact that I was the only grandbaby not to ride a horse, was that my cousin got kicked in the face by a horse and got his nose broken by the crazy thing. Fun times, and also I don't have any memory of this, only heard it from my parents.)

Another random short story, my late grandfather had a dog named Rocks, a blue tick heeler, that I was absolutely petrified of and stayed in the car until my parents would come and get me. I remember one time that I refused to get out because I knew this dog would come to sniff me and I was too scared to get out alone. I wanted a parent to pick me up. They unloaded the car and went into the house, fully expecting me to follow because they thought I was just pitching a tantrum. I'm stubborn, let's just put it that way. I didn't get out of the car, and they had to come back out to get me, haha. Poor puppy dog. Probably didn't even know he was scaring me so badly.The roof beams in my late grandfather's study.

This study was made for writing, from the little black typewriter in one corner to the horse's saddle and trophies from winning awards on one wall to the dark curtains and dark wooden desk, I feel like I'm a part of a crime novel typing away some murder mystery on a typewriter or something. It's the coolest vibe ever for an office. Barns in this area have a heavily rustic feel as well as useful, instead of the highly decorated barns that you find in my kind of country area. I love the feeling of this property and the pipe tobacco smell that always lingers in that wooden house. I love my quiet escape to my grandparent's house, Nashville one of my favorite places in the world. I wouldn't mind living here one day.

Before becoming a hairstylist, I wanted to be a writer and I still on occasion write in my spare time besides this blog. This was written the last time we visited this peaceful place-in remembrance of my grandfather in his passing.

You can read it here

xoxo, Char