Jeans, tall girls, long legs, and powder blue sweaters


Y'all do not understand. I can never find jeans that fit-or come past my ankles. All you tall ladies out there, shoutout to ya. I hear ya and I know why leggings and sweatpants have become your go-to. I've been there most of my life, BUT NO LONGER.

Vest (similar) // Boots (similar since they are last season) // Hat (similar)//


Recently, I found this light powder blue sweater while looking for flannels at H&M and try as I might, I just bought it and I can't find the darn thing anywhere online. *sigh*

Jeans // Top (similar) //

The pants however are a part of New York and Company's Tall Skinny jeans collection and I'm wearing a size 8 up in that picture. I'm nearly 5' 9", just shy 1/2 inch and no jeans ever have fit my lower half, length and the butt without leaving a truck to drive down the back of the waist as my mom calls it. I got a pair of highwaisted and a normal pair of skinnies. This is a super cute work outfit, casual enough and comfortable without leaving your ankles to freeze from the cold! Highly recommend these :) 

xoxo, Char