New Year, New Me, New Year, Same Me


Girrrrrlllllllllll, if I had a dollar for every time somebody posted this phrase in the past few weeks. Ugh. How about we make 2017 the year that we stop being so self-centered and focus on helping others. How about we stop being so butt-hurt over nothing and pretending to get offended at anybody else's opinion.

It's an opinion, not fact. They are stating whatever they want to say. Doesn't make it right and doesn't mean we should constantly argue about it with them.

I struggle with letting an argument go-we all do. It seems like my family is bred for arguing-we'd make killer lawyers, lemme tell ya. If anyone states anything remotely wrong or against my opinions, the inner know-it-all rises up within me and threatens to take over. I blurt out whatever angry retort is on the tip of my tongue before I realize that honestly, no one cares, and it didn't save that person from their idiosyncrasy. People are going to say dumb things. They just are. I say dumb things all the time and by the grace of some people, it goes mostly unchecked.

So how about for this New Year, New Me, we stop being so touchy and learn to think outside of our little box we hole ourselves up into. How about we give to others and begin something new to help somebody else. Challenge yourself to pass out a compliment a day to a complete stranger, or maybe sign up for a camp over the summer. Let 2017 be the year to bring others up to their goals. New Year, Forget about Me. It's someone else's year. Let it be their year. Help them be what God calls them to be in 2017. Help them and stop focusing on you. Proverbs 11:25 Full Chapter

A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.

If you want to give to a charity which I highly encourage, check out my friend's donation goal during her trip to Oxford in England during her semester abroad. Her goal is $1,000 dollars during this time. A good chance for you to help others would be ending world poverty. What a goal for 2017. Focus on God and the rest falls into place.

xoxo, Char