Elephant Pants, charities, saving animals and comfort


Quick announcement of the world's most comfortable, light weight pants also can be slept in, lounged in, and sometimes even worked out in (if you do yoga).  GET THEM.

Seriously, I struggle with finding pants of all kinds that aren't too tight or fit just right with my long legs and bigger lower section. I love flowy pants, especially ones that have a flexible middle- can be brought up to a high waisted look or not. I love how thin these pants are so that I'm not getting overheated at work and can still look cute (like I actually tried this morning :P) You can find my print here.

These pants also help save the elephants like the name suggests. 10% of proceeds goes to charity to help protect the elephants that are targeted for the ivory of their tusks on the black market.

As part of my 2017 resolution to help more people and be less concerned about myself, this is a great way of mixing both fashion and charity into one as well as supporting my other charities. If you love being comfortable and looking good, go getchu some, gurrlll! 

p.s. they let you buy discounted little charms or bags when getting pants when I got my pair and I got a flippin' cute little elephant and 100% of the proceeds went towards the elephant's cause. Bonussss! 

xoxo, Char