Letdowns, broken relationships, and those that don't stick around


Lemme let you in on a little secret. Christians are no different than the rest of everybody else. We are just as sinful, just as ridiculous, and just as crazy. The only difference is that we are washed clean every single time that God forgives us of our sins and that's every time we repent.

Imagine this, have you ever let somebody down for something that you did, like a boyfriend or best friend or even a family member and they don't forgive you. It kills you to know that you were the reason why they left and if you could just have a second chance, you knew you could do better?

Now imagine this. What if that person DID forgive you for that unspeakable thing that you knew hurt them so badly. They forgave you for everything you did, wrapped you in their arms and told you that they loved you no matter what and then never spoke about it again.

That's what God is like. We get so caught up in the horrible twists and turns of relationships around us and fearing about losing those that we love the most, and we treat God as if we don't actually care if He forgives us or not. Imagine the hurt, the anger and betrayal that a person would feel if you did those things to them.

Now realize that God goes through so much worse than that every time we sin. Only He is perfect. Only He can forgive us and never hold it above our heads after we have asked for forgiveness. Now imagine that feeling every time we sin. It would help us to maybe say no to telling someone to shut up when they make us mad or snapping at our child when they ask for the upteenth time "Can I have another cookie? Why notttt?

"I'm tired of hearing people putting their trust in people. I'm tired of letting myself do this as well. We hold everyone else to this perfect standard of how they shouldn't let us down and shouldn't abandon us, yada yada, but we ourselves don't live up to this standard either. We can't expect others to have fully matured and give ourselves a little grace to grow. Doesn't work that way.

Don't put your whole trust in people. They will let you down regardless of if they love you deeply or not. God is the only one that can be perfectly there all the time for us and give us what we need-not what we necessarily want but need.

God is the best friend that never leaves and never lets us down. Now how about we start acting like that back to Him?

Keep me in check as I struggle with this. Keep me accountable and vice versa. 

xoxo, Char