Top Products of January: Beauty and Hair, Drugstore and High End


I'll get right down to it but I saw a few Youtubers doing this, and while I don't want to make an actual video because I don't think it would be terribly exciting, I do want to go over briefly a few products that I absolutely loved during the month of January. Most of these will not have come out in January if any at all, it's more of what I found working for me and obsessing over in January. 

|| Top Beauty Products || 

Essence Pure Nude Highlighter in "Be My Highlight"
This highlight looks like nothing in the pan and doesn't show up terribly much as an inner corner highlight either but brushing it over the tops of the cheek bones and the nose gives it such a healthy glow as if you had just gone tanning or something. It's so subtle but that's what I loved about it. I could layer as much as I want without overdoing it. Cruelty free.  KIT APPROVED: This would work well in a makeup kit for that client wanting the bare minimum in makeup but still wants to enhance their natural beauty. Also works well for younger girls, like freshmen or middle school for their dances. 

Colourpop's Ultra Satin Lip in Alyssa and Ultra Glossy Lip in Fairyfloss
Colourpop's makeup has been some of my favorite with their high pigmentation and affordable pricing. Their Ultra Satin Lip is by far my favorite formula, and my favorite shades are those rosy nudes such as Alyssa. It quickly became my favorite, adding just enough lightness to my lips yet still keeping it natural and tying well into the more natural looks. I love layering the Ultra Glossy Lip in Fairyfloss over it on the days when I want a bit more moisture to my lips and keep it even more comfortable. Fairyfloss is just thin enough not to severely change the overall color of the lipstick underneath, and can be worn alone. I would not suggest this alone if you have chapped lips that day as the light pink sheer over it can enhance the dry layers of skin and seem to highlight them. Cruelty free.   

Bath and Body Work's French Lavender Fine Fragrance Mist
I bought this mist back on Black Friday, using it every now and then but mostly switching back to their Forever Red scent which is by far my favorite scent EVER. I started using this a little more until gradually I only use that and Forever Red whenever I go out. I love the light flowery smell. The mists are my favorite as they don't last terribly long but still give off a faint odor every now and then. I like that they aren't overpowering. This scent makes me feel very girly and the lavender soothes me. Cruelty Free.  

Bath and Body Work's Stress Relief Eucalyptus Spearmint Body Lotion
My mom got this huge kit for Christmas and I've been snitching some ever since. I keep using the body lotion for my hands every time I'm home and after I've washed my hands really well. I like this on my days off and when I get back from work as the scent soothes me and moisturizes my hands. Cruelty Free.   

|| Top Hair Products ||

Bumble and Bumble's  Bb. Curl Custom Conditioner 
Just started using this stuff and maybe it's too soon to tell, but I feel like my hair was so much more hydrated than before. I'm beginning to work this into my hair care routine, moisturizing my mid-shafts to ends with Moroccan Oil when I don't use product for my days off from work. This stuff really feels like it penetrates the hair shaft, getting in there instead of just coating it. If you want to see my hair care routine, I mapped it all out here.

Keratin Complex Repair Therapy Intense RX
This stuff. I started using this and have only used it once and my hair already feels better. It's a repairing serum that you use maybe every 6 weeks and it helps your hair to heal and grow again in those areas that have just quit. I grow out my hair but it never seems to grow past a certain point. This I hope will work and it helps with the frizz of your hair. (which is as you know a big deal because I have huge 70's permed looking hair even though I don't have a perm)  

|| Top Other Beauty Products || 

CND's Solar Oil
I painted my nails over the holidays and then kept painting them something new every week because work kills my nails. Nail polish would chip off after two days and every time I took my nail polish off with acetone at the end of the week, the edges of my nails would peel and the tips of my nails began spider webbing out. The only reason why I noticed these cracks is from the haircolor staining my nails and it sank into these cracks. I took off my polish and began working on strengthening my nails again before I try to polish them for Valentine's Day. Every morning and night (if I remember that is :P) I coat my cuticles with this oil and then rub it in. It strengthens my nails, makes them grow incredibly fast and heals them so well. I love this oil and swear by it ever since we got it in our nail kits from school back when I went to cosmetology school! Cruelty Free.  

Burt's Bees Hand Salve
Don't ask me to pronounce any of this dumb word because I swear I get it wrong every time regardless if someone tells me how to say it, ditto on the word facade. Like why is the English language so hard, bleh.During my salon job, I have to wash my hands constantly from washing people's color off to washing people's hair before a blowout or haircut. It severely chaps my hands and dries them out so I began looking for a better alternative to just lotion as I just washed it away with the next hand wash. This hand salve smells literally like dirt. I feel like a farmer or gardener every time I use it but it's really good. I promise. Once you get past the weird odor anyhow. It hydrates so well; it's just a straight, thick oil that you rub all over your hands. 

And that is all for the month of January! 

xoxo, Char