Ten Ideas for Valentine's Day, Date Night, and Activities


Hey, y'all, just wanting to give y'all a few date night ideas for this Valentine's Day or whenever you can celebrate. I'll be celebrating a day late this year with my sweetheart since he has night classes the day of, and I'll be doing this updo along with something pink or red for sure ;) I'll post a picture of my outfit or make a post to give y'all some inspiration! Activities for Going Out!

  1. The classic: Go out to dinner and dress up nicely and maybe split a dessert! Try going somewhere maybe local or out of the way that you wouldn't normally go to make it a little different!

  2. For the Adventurous: If you are an active couple and don't mind spending money, try going on a ropes course or go on paddle boats in a nearby park or gaming center or even go climb a rock wall!

  3. For the Introverts: Build a fort in your living room and make it as big as possible and order pizza and stock up on junkie snacks like candy and popcorn and binge watch a Netflix show or movie!

  4. For the ones with kids: Valentine's isn't just for couples! Bring your kiddos on an adventure and choose a restaurant maybe around lunchtime instead of dinner to avoid the rush.

  5. Choose (your zipcode): Show your hometown some love! Go on a walk downtown, and if your downtown isn't too far off from mine, go check out the sights like finding all of the murals or favorite haunts of others.

  6. For those with a sweet tooth: Instead of the full meal, go with a yummy dessert and find a place that specializes in one thing like milkshakes or cookies and grab a few to eat on your way through a park walk or woodsy trail.

  7. For the Old-Fashioned: Set yourself a small budget and go on a scavenging trip in antique shops, picking up things that you know the other would like without consulting them and see who has the most favorites out of each other's groups.

  8. For the Minimalistic Dates: Pack a picnic with all of your favorite foods or pick up your favorite fast food and take a bike trip down in a park that you both enjoy. Park yourself whenever you see a comfy spot and watch the sunset as you finish your food!

  9. For the Sportsaholic: This may not be on Valentine's Day but treat your date to a sports game of a local team in basketball and enjoy having an activity to watch and keep you entertained.

  10. For the Non-Couples: Hey, you don't have to have a Valentine's this Valentine's Day. Maybe you just haven't found anybody or maybe you just aren't looking. Stay in this Valentine's and make delicious cookies or cupcakes that you found off a recipe off Pinterest! Here's my Pinterest board for delicious food or try making dinner to show your love and appreciation for your parents.

Happy Valentine's Day and love you all! 

xoxo, Char