Weekly layout, the blue aesthetic, and beating the work grind


Have you ever had that moment when you don't know what to wear; you don't feel like picking out anything to wear; and you don't like anything in your closet anyway so you end up wearing the same old clothes day in and day out because it's easier than finding that old gray shirt you bought last fall and haven't worn but twice but forget about until you find it during your summer cleanse?

Girl, we've all been there. To beat the fact that I ALWAYS without fail forget something majorly important like a tank for a see-through top or sometimes pants, I have begun setting out my clothes in advance. It's penned in my daily planner for Mondays. I'm not even kidding, HA!

I set out each outfit complete with socks, shoes, underwear, outer wear, and workout clothes and stuff for a shower at the gym. It's a struggle but in the end, I enjoy this more than hunting around frantically every morning as I wake up too early to go to the gym and then convince myself that it just isn't worth it and go back to bed. 

Here's my trick to keeping my outfits cute, put together, and keeping with my theme for the week (my aesthetic for the three pictures I post on my Instagram, which is blue this week in case you didn't know!) I lay out a color scheme of whatever I'm in the mood for. I dig through my bins, closet, and blue chest for all of my colored shirts or pants or accessories that I haven't worn in awhile or match with my color scheme and lay them all out. Then I add the necessary parts to make them a full outfit. I add the accessories or pack them away to mix and match when I need them, and then I pack a bag full of makeup and whichever palette I want to use that week that matches my color scheme or that I just want to use because I haven't in awhile. 

|| Tuesday || Pants // Shirt (similar) // Necklace (Jane.com) // Choker // Booties (similar) // Jacket

|| Wednesday || Shirt (Jane.com) // Converse // Jeans  (I have another post describing how perfect these jeans are here)// Necklace (a gift from some little boutique?) 

|| Thursday || Shirt // Boots // Jeans (similar) 

|| Friday || Shirt // High Waisted Jeans // Converse // Window Pane Shirt (similar, I actually found mine at Marshalls) // Leather Hat

|| Saturday || Roshes // Jean Shirt // Leather Leggings (similar) // Headband Scarf (similar)// 

|| Sunday || Lacy Cardigan (similar) // Dress (Cinderella collection from Kohl's) // Heels (I got mine at Charlotte Russe)

This is a good way to find those pieces of clothing that you haven't in awhile. I don't always use just one color either. Sometimes I play with the same sort of pattern for that week or I really want to wear a pair of shoes and will pair them with a few things before I put it all together. This way, you're using all of your clothes and none get left out, and you also get to save yourself a few gray hairs by not rushing around trying to find every last detail for your outfit of the day.

 xoxo, Char