February Favorites, Affordable + High End


|| High End ||

  1. The U-Smooth Crimper is such a fun tool that I got especially for photo shoots, most especially for the Avant Garde ones. I love creating the texture of the little waves and I've seen it used a ton in Russian videos for wedding hair as well. They create the texture for the updo with this crimper and the hair stays in place so much better than if you straightened it or simply curled it. I tried to link it back to this post but all I could find were the straighteners. USmooth is exclusive to Salon Service Group, a salon store for cosmetologists. You can only buy their crimper there if you are a licensed cosmetologist.


2. I think I mentioned this in my last favorites or briefly gave a synopsis of this product. I ran out of my Moroccan Oil conditioner and resorted to this Bb Curl Care Custom Conditioner by Bumble and Bumble that we sell at my salon. You can also buy it off of their website, Sephora, or any salon that carries it (like Capelli). This stuff is so, so hydrating. I have used multiple oil or curl specialized conditioners/hair products and I haven't found a conditioner this good, this hydrating in all of my searching. The odor is a little peculiar when first opening it.

The product itself is thick and pale yellow. It usually takes me a ton of pumps for enough conditioner to cover or saturate my hair every washing but this halved the product that I use since it's so concentrated and strong. Well worth the money.

3.  I have begun taking better and better care of my skin as I grow older, the help of my Murad kit from school helping tremendously. I will be posting a skin care post up soon, maybe in the next week or two but I wanted to give this a good review since it's been helping me as of late.

The Elizabeth Grant Green Power C Hydrating Cleanser has been my go to when I don't want a stripping cleanser that effectively gets rid of my makeup. I got this little sample bottle in my Ipsy bag and began using it when my skin began to dry up during this winter. I had the worst time trying to keep my skin balanced with no oil and no dryness this winter-even with it being a mild winter. This cleanser gives my face such a refreshed feeling after removing my makeup like heavy foundation or just concealer on the days I don't cake face. I didn't feel as if it left too much behind like some mild cleansers.

4. This Rose Face Mask by Fresh  has been such a lifesaver this winter as well. I got this little sample from my birthday gift in November from Sephora but I honestly think I will rebuy this as I am running out. After I wash my face with a cleanser, put a clay face mask on to draw out impurities and tighten my pores, I will go in with this Rose Face Mask and slather just a thin layer over my face and go do my Bible study or clean my room while it sits on my skin for 5-10 minutes. The results are not super obvious at first, more of a subtle difference in brightening and highlighting the skin naturally. I began to see the difference on the second or third time using this. It also tones the skin but I like to be a little extra and add another toner before adding my night moisturizer. It seals in the look that I'm well rested and have a brightness about the skin. Perfect for that dull winter skin!  

5. Too Faced Peach Palette Recently I've been absolutely obsessed with this palette for the reason that I love how simple you can make a look or how dramatic. I love the color variation and the strong peachy tones that I can just wear by themselves if I just want a more natural look that day. This month I've been trying to give my eyelids more of a break since they've been drying out so much. This palette gives me just a touch of something when I still want to keep my makeup fresh and light without overpowering the look. 

|| Affordable ||

HA! February is more like the most expensive month ever as far as my favorites go, I swear. I only have this one affordable palette that I've been loving for the strong pinks and purple shimmers with the peachy tones.

6. Morphe 35F 'Fall Into Frost' Palette. This palette has the most amazing shimmers in them. The top row has these beautifully strong highlighting shades with the rich purples and pinks giving the middle of the eye the perfect pop of shimmer. I want to do a look with this soon as well as the peach palette mentioned above. I love how smoky you can make the look as well as how neutral. I do wish there were a few more matte shades since I would like to have more transition colors but I almost always have matte shades in all of my palettes so this shimmer palette is just fine the way it is. I like having this huge array of highly pigmented shimmers on hand for more than one look. 

Hope you enjoyed the little reviews of what I've been loving this month. I plan on doing some makeup videos here in the future and maybe I'll do a few with these two palettes I've been obsessing over. 

xoxo, Char