Ashes + the Cross


I keep seeing everyone's smudged crosses today from the Ash Wednesday services. Some people went to an early service like 6:30 or some went to a mid-afternoon service and others, like myself, are going to the night service. What's interesting about these crosses are that people can wear a metal cross around their neck every day and everybody takes it for granted. Nobody questions it and most everyone just accepts it whether they are athiests or not.

It's become a common symbol for everyone-despite being only linked to Christianity and the death of Jesus Christ. What's interesting to me is the smudged ash cross on the forehead and the amount of explanation that the wearer usually goes into to explain it to the people who are curious. Somehow the cross has become such a common thing that nobody realizes that someone once died on it. They only ask about the thing that they are not familiar with. What if all of us Christians lived in such a way that people asked about it?

They could see Christianity like a smudged cross on our foreheads clear as day.

What if they became curious because we acted so differently because we acted by God's commandments instead of by the world? What if those people were saved because they had Christianity explained to them fully like the ash wearers explained Lent and the meaning behind the ashes?

I challenge you to show your Christianity like an outward sign. People will notice like they do the ashes. You can minister so much more to people when you step outside your comfort zone.

Food for thought. 

Xoxo, Char