Plot twists, why planning your life doesn't work with God's plan


I saw this church billboard saying, "God turns our blunders into wonders" on my way home yesterday from the dumbest thing that I've done in awhile.

Small pocket. Iphone. Washing machine.

You do the math.

Took me emptying out and searching twice plus searching for nearly two hours with my sweet friend and coworkers to finally find it back where I originally thought it was.The washing-killing-iPhone-machine.

Let me just brag on my friends and coworkers for dropping everything to come help me search for it and offering suggestions the whole time. Y'all are the best.

There's little in this first world problem situation as humbling as carrying around a razor phone for two days because your extra limb/brain is sitting in rice trying to recover as much unfoggy memory as it can.

It took K-Love telling me horrible family crisis after crisis, coworkers losing family and another coworker, watching wrecks along the highway, for it to hit home that I could have it so much worse than just something I can replace after my pathetic hissy fits.

So plot twist is that I can't plan out everything like the money for New York, car money, tips I'm going to make in a day, or even falling sick on a day that I need to work on.

Point is, God controls our path, our plans, everything and no amount of planning and checklists are going to stop that. 

xoxo, Char