Skin Care Routine + products, High End + Drugstore


Skin care is the number one priority of beauty. It sets the base for the makeup, the foundation for every single thing that is put on your skin. I will break down my routine starting from the beginning and ending with the last thing I put on before bed.

  1. Cleanser: I use the Murad cleanser shown here in this picture (the farthest to the right) in this pump bottle. I will add some dampness to the skin with a little water to help break down the makeup to begin with. If using a full face of makeup, I tend to use this all over my face avoiding the eye area and getting slightly wet under the faucet before scrubbing all over my face using my hands. Then I use a wet rag and wipe off my makeup using motions across or lifting up to avoid dragging my skin down and giving it more wrinkles. This is a very strong cleanser, and since my skin is more normal to dry (combination skin), I tend to not use this very much unless my skin has been more oily as of late. It's very drying if used too much for me.

  2. The next step is to remove my eye makeup using this heated to the touch oil (the largest bottle to the left). You only need a small amount in the palm of your hand; rubbing them together and keeping away from water. It kills the effectiveness of it if wet. It will warm up to the rubbing, so don't freak out. I rub this over my eyelid, rubbing the eyeshadow until it begins to break down and smear. I will take a rag after that and wipe it away gently to rid my eyelid of any of the leftover eyeshadow. I recommend taking your mascara off before this since it will burn if gotten into eye at all. It will remove the residue of the mascara but I like to avoid the mess of the black smearing all over my newly cleaned skin.

  3. After I pat my skin mostly dry, leaving only a little moisture, I will put on this clay based mask (the blue and white large tube) to draw out the impurities and tighten my pores. This will sit on for 10 or so minutes before I wipe it off with a wet rag. You only need a small amount of this as well as the paste will spread very far. It has a strong scent and will linger on your skin or towelette for a few hours.

  4. During this step, I usually will exfoliate my lips with this little exfoliating mask from my Boxycharm box and leave it on for a few minutes while rubbing my lips together gently. I only do this once every few weeks as my lips are very sensitive and don't need too much scrubbing. I will layer my Carmex Classic Lip Balm on after rubbing it off with a damp rag.

  5. If I don't use the brightening mask after the clay mask, I will exfoliate once a week with the little yellow tube. I just rub the small amount in my hand before gently scrubbing all over my face. I rub it in for a minute or two before wiping off with a damp rag. This will leave your skin very soft and devoid of dry skin flakes.

  6. After the clay mask that I use maybe once or twice a week, (it's very strong so too much will completely dry out your skin), I will use this brightening face mask by Fresh (the smallest white tub with red lettering) over slightly damp skin and leave this on for 5-10 minutes. It has brightening effects as well as a toner built in. (I will use this two or three times a week, sometimes adding it after the clay mask, sometimes on the other day.)

  7. I rinse it off and on dry skin, will soak a small makeup sponge ( I use those cheap white triangles from Walgreens or Walmart) and pat the toner (the bottle with green lettering on it with the screw top lid) all over my skin. Once it's soaked in and dry, I move on to the last step.

  8. I use the Soap & Glory Night moisturizer in a thin layer over dry skin, rubbing it in with similar movements of out and upwards instead of dragging anything down. I rub this down my neck as well as all over my face.

Every morning that I decide to either not wear makeup or wear a thin layer of concealer for foundation, I will wear this suncreen moisturizer with Vitamin C from Murad before putting on any makeup. I rub it in before I add the rest of my makeup (if I'm wearing any) and let it soak in fully for 10 minutes before starting anything else on the face. Otherwise, I find it comes off in little balls when I rub my primer over my face right after.

Trick: Use an oil like Tarte's Maracuja Oil in your foundation (just a few drops) and mix it in before applying, assuring a smoother foundation and more moisture during the winter months. 

xoxo, Char