What is Jesus to you and what is He actually?


 What is Jesus to you?

To the average sinner, Jesus is just that person that helps you when you need Him most. It’s all about you, because after all, Jesus died for us and loves us and wants us to be happy, right?

You can even find scriptures passages that show that God gave His son to US so that we might be saved. You can argue this all by taking short snippets and saying that everything revolves around us and we surely act that way to. This isn’t just the question of who Jesus is to you but really to all of us.

Because all of us are sinners.

All have fallen short of the glory of God and all of us need saving.What is He actually?

He is the Maker of all things. He wants you to be happy but by doing His will, not our own. The Bible cannot be limited to what we perceive it as. God speaks to us through it and therefore, we cannot ignore what He has said in ALL context.

What is Jesus to you?

We like to put God inside of a box as if He can be contained. As if the God of the world, the creator of all things, the one who is always with us who will neither leave us nor forsake us can be put inside our tiny, limited little box in our minds. 

What is He actually?

Our God CREATED us. He knows our every move, our every thought. He knew even before we were born what our path would be. That means that He cannot be limited by anyone-even man.

What is Jesus to you?

Jesus isn’t just someone who is there to help you. Yes, He will help you when you ask, but most importantly, He cannot just disappear when we feel like He isn’t watching.

What is He actually?

He’s always watching; always there. We cannot ignore Him and hope He goes away whenever we fall back into sin and don’t want to be reminded of Him. Remember, if we draw closer to Him, He draws closer to us.

What is Jesus to you?

Many people will let God take control over parts of their life. Key word here being, parts. We let Him control what we do on Sunday; we may refrain from cussing; we may stay away from drugs and substance abuse as we know that is wrong. But what we don’t let Him in are the things that we feel like don’t pertain to Him at all.  We eat our hearts out. Gluttony at its finest. We go and maybe sneak a few gummies out of the bins at the store because that’s not technically stealing, right? It’s not like we are stealing something huge and expensive.

What is Jesus actually?

I spoke about this in one of my most recent Faith posts, but we like to select what sins are deemed “respectable” and pretend like they aren’t just as important as the rest. All of it is a slap in the face of God, a direct disobedience of His commandments. Stealing is stealing. Gluttony is gluttony. Kissing and going too far is still lust, even if we aren’t technically “doing the deed”. God is our judge, our Father, and our Creator. He didn’t create the 10 Commandments to be ignored, and He surely won’t forget.  

I challenge you to check your habits this week. If God appeared over your shoulder right now, how much of your day or what you were doing would be pleasing to Him? How much of the truth would you leave out if He asked you what you did last night or this morning? How proud of your accomplishments would you be if you knew that you had cheated on that last test? Would you tell Him? What is Jesus actually?

Not a projection of what we perceive but what the Bible has told us and what the Holy Spirit is telling you in your heart. May we all hold each other accountable in a Christian way and love one another. May we all follow what HE says to do and not what this earthly body tells us to do. 

Xoxo, Char 

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