Breakups, and the focus after


Woah, before we even jump into this-no, I haven't broken up with my boyfriend. We are still together. But I went to this Bible study last night, and the speaker told me that we need to make God the focus. What are we placing above God in our lives? It's easy to say we don't place work over the important things in life or place money over the importance of a loved one but what if we placed our signifigant other over Him? I hear way too many times- I'm guilty of this as well back in the day- that once you break up with someone that you immediatelt focus back on God and learn to rely on Him and all that, yada yada. That's nothing new but it's also not bad. So why am I bringing this up? You may be wondering.

Why is it that we have to break up with our signifigant other to focus back on God? Why wasn't our focus on Him in the first place and why can't it be while we are still with that person? 

I'm guilty of placing a boyfriend above God's authority like it's stuck between God's plan and what I think my boyfriend would like, blah blah blah. Your boyfriend might be a Christian- I hope he is. You might have Bible study with him or all the time somewhere else. You read your Bible and you say that God is above all things. The works. It's common and most everybody does it. Your boyfriend probably treats you well and pushes you to be a better Christian too. Everyone deserves that in their partner. The problem doesn't come from whether you are a Christian or not.

The problem comes from placing him above God by always willing to change for whatever your boyfriend says or wants and still telling God that you can't try to change for His word because you don't have enough self control. Funny how that doesn't apply when you are in a relationship and the other person isn't quite as forgiving as God. They won't be. I guarantee it. No one is. God forgives everything. And anything. Even when you mess up. Your signifigant other won't. It's just in our sin nature. 

So my question to you is this. Why would you do anything for that person you love including working on all your flaws and quirks to the end that it pains you to continue breaking those habits while refusing to do it for the other one who you say you love even more? 

Does that mean you don't love Him as much as you love him?

Yes. So work on it, Christians.

I'm right there with you struggling to place God above everything else in my life. But we have something better coming along and that's better than anything this world can offer.

Xoxo, Char