Project: Stormy Skies


This name was always in the back of my head as a possibility for this Avant Garde Victorian photoshoot. I knew where I wanted to take the pictures, the darkness of the clothes and makeup and all of the detailing that went into this project. My friends here worked out wonderfully in this shoot.

I know nothing about the camera that I have, and my photographer nailed the dark and moody shoot.I did the makeup smoky and heavy for the both of us-her hair inspired by a crimped bun that I had seen from a magazine.

I did my own twist on the textured look as well as drawing inspiration from another dark photoshoot with Anneliese's makeup.    

Fun fact about the costumes: the red sash that Anneliese is wearing is my Grandma's red sash and the shirt she is wearing was handmade from my Grandma for my mom when she was younger.    

My skirt that I am wearing in this photoshoot was also handmade by my mother. It took her a week after I sprung it on her to make it in a day before the photoshoot was supposed to happen. In my defense, it was only supposed to be a very simple long skirt until she found a costume section to the patterns of several books and we went from there. This all happened after my mom found out that I had even bought the wrong fabric and she thought we couldn't return it until another seamstress told us that we could after all! It was all very stressful ( for my mom) and shoutout to Mumsy for being such a sport and doing all of the work besides cutting out like two pieces. :D 

The first steps onto the porch where some of my favorite pictures were taken next to the dark brownish-gray beams everywhere, we found out that one side was roped off for reasons unknown so we didn't dare venture over to that side. Instead, we reverted to the longer side of the porch. Part of this photoshoot's location that I found so appealing were the downtown houses in our very own Victorian Village. I toured one of the houses during my break between cosmetology school and my job now and fell in love with the charm of the magnificent houses and detailed doors.    

Then the highlight of the day was descending the staircase and finally glancing over and realizing what a cool shot that might be of our hair and overall appearance and then finding out that it was now raining-very appropriate to the name of our shoot and the whole overcast look we'd worked with all afternoon.       

 xoxo, Char P.S. 

Lauren, our photographer, thought it was hilarious as I struggled to find the exact change for the parking meter and Anneliese played pretend that we couldn't possibly know what a parking meter was much less my enormous van :P  

My hat was key to tying in my costume with my velvet bag bought from my local antique shop. The hat actually came from my mother's wardrobe from some long ago outfit that still inspired such huge, adorned hats! Major points to mom for the tremendous contribution to this photoshoot!