March Beauty Favorites, Drugstore + High End


I know this is going up a lot later than I normally post these but yolo. (Is anyone even saying that anymore?) Here dey isss... 

|| Drugstore ||


Wet 'N Wild MegaGlo Highlight in "Precious Petals" has been my ultimate favorite after finding it at Walgreens the other day while searching for a replacement foundation. You already know I had to go to look at other makeup too, not just foundation. This gives such a vibrant glow to the cheeks without being patchy or too glittery. It's a beautiful glowing shimmer that makes your skin look so fresh when applied to the tops of the cheeks and nose.

Nyx Wicked Dreams palette has been my go-to for brows. Recently, I couldn't make it to my brow girl to get them redone so I had to fill them in and let the wild things grow all over the place because I'm way too lazy to pluck them or anything. I used a darker powder (the top row, darkest brown) with an angled eyeliner brush and filled in my thick brows with this powder and ended up loving it. I wanted to use something that other people could buy too since my tradition MUD eyeliner pencil in "Taupe" is pretty limited to only cosmetologists or people that have visited my old school's salon floor. It's the perfect dark brown and doesn't smear and go everywhere when I'm done.

No 7 Lift and Luminous Foundation with SPF 15 in the shade "Warm Ivory" Never before have I gone into a store, picked up the lightest shade and swatch it ON MY TANNISH HAND AND HAVE IT BE MY SHADE. Either this brand is considerably darker with their lightest shades- which traditionally with smaller, unknown brands, I usually find this not to be the case, rather the reverse-or I'm freakishly pale. Probably both.I heard this foundation mentioned on Kathleen Lights' Youtube channel and wanted to exchange my foundation out from my Nyx one mentioned in previous videos to a different type since I was running out and didn't particularly like that one in the first place. I just was too lazy to exchange them out :)) I love the finish. It doesn't have to be set down with a powder I feel like, and the color gives me an interesting shade without being stark white like I know I secretly am. The only downside to these are that I know that other people are lighter than me, and if I'm the lightest shade, then I'd hate to see what it would look like on fairer people than me. 

|| High End ||

This Crown Fan Brush is by far my favorite fan brush I've ever gotten. I've never been able to use those flimsy little fan brushes that barely deposit any color onto my face and just brush away whatever it did put down. This brush is so nice and thick to allow for a better distribution of color and can also be used for contouring and bronzer!

RevitaLash Conditioner and Mascara these are very high end. Mine included a nice magnetic makeup bag and ended up combining the primer and mascara, so mine was considerably more than the price they have online for whatever reason. I got mine from my salon and immediately didn't like it the first week I used it. I had watched a video from TwistMePretty on her lash growing conditioner and knew how to trace the little brush along the edge of your eyelashes, closest to your skin (technically your roots?) and not get any in my eye. I've heard that blue eyes or green eyes can be defected in colorization if these get in your eyes (whether or not that's a rumor, I don't know) but I have been using this and using this ever since just because I had spent so much money on it. It turns out that it takes about month to show results and the results ended up growing out some damaged eyelashes near the outer corner on my left eye. Those lashes had stopped growing and only began lengthening again after using this stuff. I notice that my eyelashes appear a little thicker and definitely longer on this stuff. I wear makeup every day and lashes tend to shorten over time with repeated use of mascara. This mascara ends up lengthening and strengthening your lashes through every day use with biotin inside the mascara and primer. The conditioner is key to this working everyday. I have found a trick to making my eyelashes get even longer by using the conditioner first, then using the primer on the top lashes and before it can dry, I coat it heavily in the mascara. Then I move to the other eye. I found that if I waited for the primer to dry, it ended up not covering as well and left some of the roots of the lashes still blond instead of black. Something about it doesn't layer well when the primer dries, but blends seamlessly when applied directly after. Love, love, love this stuff! 

|| Other, skin + clothes + hair products ||

Fake Bake Flawless Tanning Serum The one problem I have with this tanner is that it says includes gloves and instead of a mitt like I was expecting, you get two plastic gloves like what you could buy in a box of 200 for $5 dollars. This was a little annoying as I had to constantly rub the serum in order to get it to blend, but if I had a mitt, then it wouldn't have taken so long. But overall, it gave me a beautiful glow that even my critical Buff Brother couldn't tell was fake. Loveee this stuff since I can't go outside due to work anymore save for the weekends.  


I've been obsessed over these heels and this sweatshirt from the word go. These were in my latest fashion haul  and I've been pairing these with literally everything this spring since they are so neutral and spring toned. Also, I don't remember when I became obsessed with peach but apparently that has been my absolute go to color this year since I've bought four peachy things in the past two months.

Finally, my last item is the Oribe Texturizing Spray. I've been obsessing over these festival vibed hairstyles, mainly because they all feature my favorite boho styles-mixing braids with curls and messy texture. I've been using this spray every time I want to roughen up a look, whether it's for an updo or a half up. I just spray this stuff a few times all over the hair I want textured and gritty (it's not really gritty but it holds like it is) and pull at the strand or braid and the texture holds without giving it any real grit or heaviness. This stuff is golden and key for all of those messy beach waves or boho hairstyles. 

xoxo, Char