The Perfect Life. 


The other morning I drove to work and smiled throughout the whole morning and I couldn't imagine why at first. Then it hit me. My hair was done; my nails are painted; my self tanner was applied; my makeup all done up; I had worked out and woken up early; I've had my shower and my outfit was cute.

I have my dream job, an amazing boyfriend, a loving family, and close friends.

I drove to work happy that my life is turning out to be so happy and fulfilling and I realized one thing as the sun shone brightly down on me in the car.

I felt perfect. I felt like I had the perfect life and in some ways, I do. But life isn't judged perfect by the fact that I had actually woken up that morning in a good mood and tried with my appearance and had managed to buy a delicious Starbuck drink all before even stepping into work. Life is made perfect through Christ. Even when I have a bad morning, my hair is frizzy, the winged eyeliner looks more like I got punched in the eye, I forgot deoderant after an intensely wrecking workout, my gas is low in my car, and I caved and bought fast food for lunch even though my bikini screams no, my life is perfect.

I can't complain about what goes wrong in my life but what I can do is praise Him who made it all and blesses me everyday regardless if I feel like a train wreck or a pageant model. Silver linings-I have a family; I have a Christian boyfriend; I have a car to drive to work; I have a healthy body and a gym to work out in; I have a roof over my head; and I have a job.

Don't just praise God and post about Him or talk about Him when your life is 'perfect'. Praise Him always. 

Xoxo, Char