A Season for Engagements and Wannabe Moms


If you read the title, you probably are wondering what on earth I'm talking about and how I would know anything about these two things despite not being engaged OR having a child. That's the point. I'm in the same boat as ya, sista. 

It seems like there isn't a friend who isn't engaged or worse, (bear with me) pregnant for the first or second time. You probably feel like you are the only one left, and what's worse is even the people who haven't even dated a third of what you have or even been married that long before they so easily get pregnant. You might feel like throwing something into a wall because you haven't even a sliver of an idea when either of these two things will happen and it feels like the end may never come. 

There is a light at the end of the tunnel, but it isn't your decision. It's God's. He alone is saving you for something better-something so great that you'll forget all those years you spent fretting over how petty it was to want to be engaged right now or have babies right now. As much as it irritates you now that your life isn't going step by step how you want it, God is teaching you patience and how to rely on Him. I'm a massive control freak and I can't stand people telling me that I'm young so it'll all work itself out when I'm older.

Honestly, there's nothing so humbling and irritating. If you plan on mapping everything out step by step, you are going to be disappointed, my friend. Big time. Nothing ever goes exactly as planned unless you magically line up with how God has planned your life. 

I knew a girl in school and while I wasn't jealous of her in most regards, she always seemed to have a perfectly steady relationship with her boyfriend and didn't seem to have an immediate problems. They had a fairytale beginning and had kept it up for years despite how young they were. When times got tough, I do remember being slightly jealous as if they would get engaged soon and I could tell. Because why not? Nothing ever stopped them, right? Turns out months later when I was eating dinner with some friends from that school, I found out those two broke up regularly and she was often unconsolable at the prospect of never being with him again. I mean, wouldn't we all?

My point?

Why are you jealous of someone else when you don't even know what they are going through to get there how much of the same struggle it was for them? It's fine to want our family lives to be modeled after Christian committed couples but we should take examples from the Bible and pray for our family (future or present) instead of coveting someone else's life.

God's listening, I promise. 

In this season of engagements and weddings and pregnancies, remember this: God is still with you, now act like it.

He only directs our paths and He's got a future so bright for us that we will be thankful we weathered the storm. 

Xoxo, Char