I'm ridiculous, hair tutorials gone wrong, and weekly struggles


I never thought that a head would ever fall on me, and the hair completely detach itself from its scalp and slide back on me. It was all red. Red everywhere.

I'm being a tad dramatic; I will admit.

I attempted to attach my mannequin doll head stand to my chest of drawers on Monday morning. I hooked my new red wig to its head to continue a hair tutorial. Because the lighting was horrible, me having no knowledge of electronics that can ever help me, or me having enough time or enough arm muscles to attach the wig to my own head to do the hair, I had my mother video taping my failures and my inevitable breakdown as the entire mannequin stand fell on me, the head roll back, and the wig consequently falling off the back of the head.

I then proceeded to cry for the next three hours as I finally finished a video, edited it painfully to a minute for my Instagram and then managed after all that hard work with a good camera, to completely downgrade the entire resolution of my video to where I wasn't even happy with how this dumb video turned out. A minute long tutorial kept me busy for three and a half hours :)))))))) 

Now that I've described this awesome morning and partial afternoon I've had, I also wanted to update you on my skin. If you watch any of my videos, I've described in the past that I've been suffering from dry skin on my eyelids-most notoriously flaking whenever it darn well pleases. It frustrates me to say the least. The other day, I left my makeup at work, causing me to scrounge the house for whatever makeup I had left before leaving for a busy Saturday at the salon. I ended up using a different mascara than I normally use and didn't really think twice about it until the next day when I went to do my makeup with my lovable RevitaLash that I raved about in my monthly favorites last month. My eyelids were normal; actually so normal that I didn't really notice any dry skin save for the outside of my eye. After my Sunday with RevitaLash, I now have dry eyelids again. Not as bad, but I think I will conduct an experiment with leaving off the RevitaLash and seeing what that does to heal my eyelids. Fingers crossed, people.

Also, in case you haven't noticed, (even though it's brighter than the sun in all pictures, so I doubt that you HAVEN'T noticed it) I bought a red wig. Now the whole point of buying a longer, thicker wig with red hair and barely any curl in it unlike my natural hair was to make tutorials, change up my look at work, and just experiment with something fun and subtle. This wig is about as subtle as a firetruck with the alarm on driving straight through your bedroom in the middle of the night.

I look like Ariel. Or a firetruck. I'm not really sure if there's much of a difference, to be honest. Both are rather in your face about the color. Despite this, it really is fun to make tutorials with and change up my Instagram look. I plan on doing several movie character's famous hairdos with them in future videos, maybe for Halloween or before. One more thing to add to my frustration of first time buying a wig-my head is just too darn big. Do you have any suggestions on how to make a wig fit better on big headed people like me? It always seems to slide back.

Lastly to update y'all on my recent life happenings, I've managed to have yet another sensitive skin breakout-this time with sunscreen all over my cheek. Last Monday, I piled on the sunscreen-the same sunscreen I've used for years-and the next day, I noticed that my entire right cheek area had broken out into tiny bumps. After a few days, it spread to my other cheekbone but hasn't progressed or retreated since that day. I've continued on with my skincare in hopes it would get rid of it by cleaning out my face but nothing has worked. I seem to have a new skin/face problem every season-each one weirder than the last! 

xoxo, Char