ManMade Series: Fruit Protein Shake


I can't be the only girl that has tried to cook and yo man says that just isn't his fav food. Girl, I'm in the same boat. Also, this is coming from a girl who can't really cook, so you know these will be good if you can ACTUALLY cook.  Just sayin'.

Also, I get a lot of people asking how I drink protein shakes and the trick for me, since most protein mixed in water is disgusting to me, is mixing it with other things-usually chocolate, yogurt, milk, or icecream as a base, but if you are trying to be REALLY healthy and skip all of the calories-you could try mixing in some Greek yogurt for more protein or lowfat milk or just skipping the thick base for a milkshake and just go with water. Here's a fave that both me and my Lovey like to eat as a healthy shnack :)

Time: 5 Minutes

A Banana
a blender ;)
Your Favorite Protein Powder 

Put a cup of water into your blender with your scoop or half scoop of protein powder; put in 1/3 cup of blueberries, a banana, and four to six strawberries with the stems cut off. Set to liquefy and blend until the major chunky fruit is completely blended into the liquid. Then put in yo favorite glass and enjoy! 

xoxo, Char