Cops, Speeding, Car Wrecks and Coffee Stains


I won't bore you with the details of how aggravating my morning has been through all the little things adding up; but I will ask one question. Why do people feel the neccessity to STOP their vehicle or slam on their brakes whenever they see a cop car a mile away and either cause a traffic jam or a car wreck? Not that I've experienced this or anything!! Just asking for a friend. 

Yesterday morning, I drove to work and I wasn't terribly early either. I pulled onto the main road and immediately was blocked off by a firetruck and multiple cop cars surrounding two vehicles. As I passed, I tried not to get irritated that it became slower and tried not to be one of those drivers that stares at the wreck and slows down tremendously. I still peeked. Woah, flashback. The girl with greeny blue hair standing near a car with the entire front smashed in wore a black jacket. A black jacket that looked all too familiar. She wore a Gould's Academy rainjacket like I had seen for a year of my life-nearly half a year ago now. She was a Gould's student and judging from the time, she couldn't have been running on time to class anyhow even before the wreck. 

How many times do we have to rush to get to work/school/appointment because WE didn't take the time to leave early and chose to sleep in a little later? 

This morning as I tried not to lose my temper (I have a short fuse, I'll be honest. It's a daily struggle that I know Satan has been tempting me with more than usual lately. Not today, Satan.) I was early to work and tired from my workout; I dropped into my local Starbucks for some deliciously overpriced sugar milk with a splash of coffee. Diet was going strong until I caved into the sugary cravings. Not only did they take over 15 minutes to even get the drink ready before dropping the entire toppings bottle into my drink and then serve everybody behind me first-I also was trying so hard to keep my cool that I may have squeeze the overflowing cup just a wee bit tight as I left.

I wasn't even late to work but I was selfishly trying to read a little of a new book before I started work and had already hit a few roadblocks before this. (My beauty blender hit the floor of the bathroom at my gym. I didn't use it of course but then it only made blending my makeup that much more time consuming. I was feeling sluggish from my run, and I had adopted a fun habit of waking up twice in a span of 30 minutes BEFORE my alarm went off.)

The coffee overflowed all down the front of my white linen shirt and I wanted to just throw away the drink by that time. The point is-how much of our life do we go speeding over the limit or fly through red lights that God has put up just to save us a few "extra" minutes?

Slow down and stop being so distracted.

He's slowing us down for a reason. A "15 mph" speed limit in a school zone isn't meant to be broken. The gym that morning can wait that extra two minutes.

It won't hurt you to look out for children going to school. 

Xoxo, Char