Night Out Fishtail Glamorous Bun 


Pre-curl with a larger barrel for loose curls. Begin by sectioning off the top crown area and one side. Take the other side and pin two messy buns side by side by twisting them and pinning the loose curls into place. Pin together for added strength. Fishtail the side hair (leaving out the crown) and leave until the end.

Take the crown hair that has been separate and twist 'til you can pin it against the top hollowed space of the messy buns. Pull the crown area slightly looser to create some volume at the crown and then lay the rest of the twist over any spaces over the messy buns. Lay the fishtail across the middle of the messy buns and pin securely. This should be slightly off-set to one side-giving a side bun finish. 

Xoxo, Char