Hopping the Fence, Coffee Pot Talker, and Goodmornings


I know everyone has that one relationship with someone that you are friends with but he or she hardly know anything about you. The one neighbor you see over your fence and wave at while getting your mail but never actually talk to aside from commenting on the hydrangea bushes blooming in spring or how badly it's going to rain on the weekend.

We all have that goodmorning person at work that we smile at because we knew his or her name but not his story; that one person that edges closer for a conversation as we pour a cup of coffee and we pleasantly smile and back away so we don't get sucked into a real conversation; that same coworker that you waved at goodbye as you left the office and never thought about again until the next work day.

I know who my goodmorning neighbor is. I know who I haven't jumped over the fence for to talk more about than just the weather. I know who should know my darkest secrets, my inner turmoil, my happiest moments, or my failing relationships. That person too often is God. I wave at him, smiling as I open my Bible every morning and read a chapter, content to just pray for a few moments and hope for a good day and leave it all behind and never think about Him again until I remember to say goodnight before bed and just stay on my side of the lawn. I know that when the days begin to storm and I'm stuck inside-I open my laptop before my Bible and let the steady drain of mindless Netflix pour through my ears for hours on end. I know that I open my Bible for five minutes and inwardly groan when I see the chapter is long and full of nothing but family trees and whom begot whom.

When in my life did God become my next door neighbor I wave at passing, or the coffee pot conversation I weasel out of so He can't see too much into my life? When did I become so distant and 'busy' that I couldn't see that I need Him and not the other way around?

I'm not saying this will never happen again because all too easily I fall into an easy rhythm and pattern in my life and hate change. I dislike stepping outside of the box. I dislike any change that I did not initiate. If I'm not in control, I typically don't like it. But I am saying that I want to change that and I will.My challenge for you this week is to hop that fence that separates you from God. Stay during your morning coffee and have a long chat with the one who knew you in your mother's womb. Spend a minute after or even before dinner talking to Him about your day and pray that those potatoes would cook thoroughly without getting roasted on the outside first.

Just take time out of your day to have a real conversation.

Ask the scary questions and ask the ones you need help with. God hears you and He wants more than just that brief hello and goodbye that we all are guilty of.

xoxo, Char