The Absence of Light, Flashlights, + Hide and Seek


I was having a conversation with my boyfriend yesterday about how dark this world has become and how frustrating it is that we seem to be losing ground and be useless against it. I've been in that scene over and over again-whether it was work or school or even when I go out and listen to strangers gossiping beside me in Starbucks. All it takes is a simple ten minutes to read the news or read how perverted our justice system has become and those in power to really lose heart.

It's easy to give up and act like we have nothing to do with it. 

I was cutting a friend's hair yesterday and had gotten to the end where we were styling it. She told me that when a girl asked her about me and wondered what I was like since she knew nothing about me, she told her that I was a stand up friend who didn't stoop to gossipping and throwing other women under the bus. I instantly felt a rush of guilt as I told her that wasn't entirely true as I let my anger or frustration come out more than once. I wrote another article on the whole gossiping thing if you want to take a read here. I strive to be that girl that my friend/client saw me as-not to please man but to be the Christian that Christ calls me to be. That all being said, I wondered how much I had let this sin drag me down and let me corrupt others in the process. The gossiper isn't the only guilty party. We have to have an audience and I knew that it was on my head for distracting someone with this ugly talk.

So maybe I was just as guilty as the dark world for being hateful with my speech and dragging others down. I can't disappear from a problem that I've helped feed. 

I know I've used the analogy of the flashlight in the dark room. Darkness does not overwhelm light; it is merely an absence of light. Why on earth am I talking about a flashlight and some weird scientific fact? Because, Christians, when you get tired of this world and all that is in it, don't give up and retract yourself from the darkness but be the light in the darkness. Christ has overcome the world and all that is in it. Only He reigns and only He has power over it. Christ conquered death by dying for us,  and we can rest assured that He gives us power over this sin, however deep our demons may hide. Christ endured it all for us and He knows just how difficult it is to be tempted. He literally has faced demons and won. If He calls us to reach the nations, we cannot run and hide and wait for the storm to pass. We must face it because we have one thing that the darkness doesn't have: The flashlight. Jesus. Sounds corny I know but take heart and keep on. Christ didn't cower even in the face of death so why should we? Darkness only lives when the light vanishes.

Be the light. 

Xoxo, Char