Updated Hair Routine, Curls, + New Products


Let's get down to business... All I can think about is Mulan and the song Let's Make a Man Out of You, let's be honest.I wish my routine was as smooth as a coursing river, okay enough with the puns, I gotcha... My previous routine can be found here.

New Products and Tips for Healthy Hair (especially for those with texture and colored hair)

  • My routine hasn't changed dramatically but I have been testing out new products and have a better review on a few things that I've used over time. Firstly is the products list:

  • I'm now using Bumble and Bumble Curl Defining Creme in the stead of my Moroccan Oil Smoothing Lotion. There's nothing wrong with my Moroccan Oil product but I am branching out and trying the curl line that we sell at my salon to further review and see how best products work. I began using it a few weeks ago and the first impression I thought when letting down my hair after it dried is that my hair feels extremely hydrated and not too thick or weighed down. I look mainly for moisture in my lotions/cremes that I add in after the shower since my hair is so naturally dry. The curl pattern will fuzz, leaving some pieces straight and the entire strand bushy if not properly hydrated.

  • I recently colored my hair. Dramatic sounding I know but way less dramatic than you think. I got a balayage-meaning freehand painting with lightener in my case. I got some more blond in my hair basically. It provides an easy grow out and the added punch of blond I was missing from not being out in the sun. To start off my haircoloring process, I began doing Olaplex treatments. I have seen it first hand transform people's hair into much healthier, less tangled, and thicker hair. Heat factors such as heated styling or being out in the sun or damage from hair color like lightener or normal base colors can affect the bonds in your hair and begin to break off the hair, changing the texture and just overall damage it. Olaplex is a 3 step process that first adds back bonds into the hair that you are missing and overall begins to mend the damage that is left. It creates softer, healthier strand of hair that translates to happier people when we have beautiful hair ;) I began using Olaplex in my lightener and keep up with it with monthly maintenance of the whole 3 steps again. Salons use this number one and number two and the number three is a at home maintenance step. I began number three by wetting my hair and then putting number three on as a mask for ten minutes or more while I complete a face mask or something. Then I shampoo and condition it out and I will do that once a week until I do the whole three steps over again once a month or every 6 weeks.

  • Another hair treatment I use in between the Olaplex treatments, is this Keratin Intense Rx treatment. I will use several pumps of this in my damp hair after a shower every 6 weeks or more in the stead of my regular creme/mousse combo and rub it in vigorously. It will help your hair grow in the baby spots of short hair that refuse to grow and help it grow long and healthy. It will tame frizz for a short time while in your hair.

  • For those of you who suffer from extreme dry scalp like I did, I recommend Bumble and Bumble Curl Care Conditioner . I used to have the worst patches of dry skin all over my head; I even thought I might have psoriasis or a severe case of dandruff. I couldn't do anything to fix it and changing up any type of my conditioner/shampoo was just making it worse and worse. I couldn't seem to fix it until I tried this conditioner and I haven't had any issues with my scalp since then. I do use a psoriasis shampoo every now and then on troubled areas just to get rid of it and I'll change this out with a dandruff shampoo every few months so that my scalp doesn't become accustomed to the product. The first time I used this product I used way too much and ended up having rather oily hair for a day or two. Only begin with a small amount and work your way up if you feel a need for it. This is a heavy product.

  • I haven't tried too many dry shampoos that are terribly exciting and I don't use them terribly often. It often comes down to the smell or how gritty my hair feels after. I received one of these dry shampoos in my Boxycharm box and ended up really liking it. It's light without being useless. I just recently ran out of this product but plan on ordering again soon. Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo had a pleasant smell and needs to be rubbed in after letting it soak up the oils. It will leave a white cast if not rubbed in. My second favorite that I've been using recently has been the Batiste Dry Shampoo in Bare. It has a similar light and airy smell and soaks up the oils quickly. I smell like fresh laundry every time I use it.

Hope you enjoyed my new products and a brief review on what I've been using on my hair. 

xoxo, Char