Life update: Half Marathon, Losing My Voice, New York Again + the 100 Day Cough


I'm not saying the world is against me; I'm just saying that as soon as I signed up for this race series LATE mind you, I got sick the week after I was training and almost wasn't able to complete the first run. Cue hideous coughing, waking up too early, feeling like puking after and then generally having no appetite for the next two weeks. That's where I'm at now as I type this out all fresh out of the shower and chugging cough drops like they were candy. The cough isn't as bad as it used to be, but when you sound as though the kraken was released from the depths of Davy Jones even if it's a few times a day, it still alarms people for some weird reason.

The race series is a series of races every other week with a gradual increase in mileage. I missed the first 5k, wheezed through my 2nd 5k, and now looks like I will be sitting out of the first 5 miler and hopefully going to finish strong with the remaining 5mile, two 10k's, two 10miles, and then the final two half marathons. I have never been a runner before but this challenge seemed too good to pass up; so as of two and a half weeks ago, I began my training to become a runner.

And I haven't run since the Sunday before last because of this dumb cough. Now back to my frustration from the past two weeks, I haven't been able to run ever since the cough began and with the next 5mile race coming up in a week, I'm beginning to lose a little bit of my temper. Someone at work described what she had as the "100 day cough" a walking pneumonia of sorts but this cough of mine didn't stem from a sickness, only appearing after from drainage and a lack of sleep from several nights. Anyone have any theories besides the one where I overexercised and the allergy attacks from running in the humid mornings turned into this awful cough that I can't seem to totally get rid of?

Anyways, updating y'all on life and my future goals for 2017. Lately, I've been stuck in a rut-more like a funk of hairdressing among other things. I can't workout; so I sleep and then just wake up to do the bare minimum of makeup since my love for getting ready for an hour diminished with how unnecessarily tired I had become over everything. I've lost about 6lbs or so since my appetite is nearly gone and everything makes me queasy. Eating out has little appeal and eating anything with sauce gives me a stomachache on the spot.

After all of this, you wonder why I'm even telling you all of this sad stuff. I can complain and whine and kick my feet like a little kid (I have occasionally done something similar lately, no judging) but I still have it better than 99% of people because I have a God who cares. I have food when I want to eat. I have a gym to go to whenever I do get better and I have a loving family, boyfriend, and group of friends. I am not out of my mind with mental illness nor is this cough permanent. I can cry and wallow in self pity or I can thank God for my thousands of blessings and the fact that I will get better and that I don't have to go to the hospital like some people have to do for their illnesses. When you put in perspective the life you have and what you have that others don't, you begin to realize that maybe your complaining is stupid and most of your problems become trivial.

Here's to actually cleaning my room, trying to eat as many protein bars as I can, and trying harder to create and inspire with my job and trying harder every day as if I felt better and like myself again. Pray for me, y'all. I need it!

Also, throwing this out there, in a few years, my friend who has never been to New York and I are planning to go when she graduates college back to the Big Apple and explore all of it ourselves for a few days or a week. Tell me in the comments below where your favorite place to visit is! also, prayers for this cough to go away would be much aprech :) 

xoxo, Char