I have a problem.


...And it's caffeine.

Like hardcore. Like four cups of sugared down coffee and inhaling this all throughout the day. During the week, it can be calmed down to a minimal cup of tea and then the cup of coffee half full of sugary, caramel frothy goodness and then maybe a Starbucks drink on the weekend and maybe a few glasses of Dr. Pepper on Sunday but when it comes to the day off on Monday, I began to worry myself as I made a special trip out for the sugary goodness and bought not only one bottle of this caramel creamer for the five cups I made at home, but an entire bottle of cold brew Vanilla Latte from Starbucks. (Or am I worried? Ha, let's be real. I'll probably make Monday Caffeine Day forever and ever)

Don't tell me that you've never bought this much caffeine and inhaled it and then waited patiently for the trip to City and State later on in the day to down yet another expresso shot of deliciousness. There is a possibility that I could never sleep again on a Monday night with this much adrenaline and energy from my problem but there is also a possibility that I could write for hours and hours and hours and be perfectly happy.

How many mugs of coffee is too much? Asking for a friend...No, but in all seriousness and aside from my stupid, dorky sense of humor, how many cups of coffee/caffeinated beverages would you allow in a day?

I've always wondered if working out would worsen it or make it better? Would it use up that overdose of energy that I get and maybe calm my heart rate or would it intensify it and make me ill since the extra boost of adrenaline from working out might add to the affects?

Y'all, I need help!

Also less caffeine since my head is buzzing.

xoxo, Char