|| Fall Lookbook 2017 ||


Where?: I got this Free People Sweatshirt at TJ Maxx. My trick to finding Free People brands at a cheaper price is to dig through Marshalls and TJ Maxx or haunt the for sale section of Free People's website. You can find their cute clothes for a much better deal!

Where?: Marley Lilly a sister brand of preppy clothes also on their website is Monday Dress where I got this dress. I got these cute tan Duck boots monogrammed also on Marley Lilly here for something different from the regular duckboots! They come with cuffs and the tongue of the boots snap off when needed.

Where?: Marshalls. My color for this season is definitely plum, oh my gosh. I got this bad boy at Marshalls the other day. It sports embroidered sleeves and a drawn up bottom to cinch the crop top sweatshirt to show off the top of your favorite high waisted jeans.

Where?: Free People. I think Free People have some sort of spell over me, honestly. I got this super comfy v-neck thermal sweater with the elongated sleeves here. It comes in a ton of other colors and it's super soft!

Where?: Marley Lilly and Sam's. Okay, so us tall girls have to unite and find the flipping pair of pants together because there aren't any that don't hit above my ankles. I found these plum pants at Sam's of all places and they sport a little looser despite still having the skinny legs. I found this tan boyfriend monogrammed sweater at Marley Lilly where I found my boots and that dress and had to snag that too!

Where?: Marshalls. If y'all have been following my progress on here, you know I've been running (synonyms also include: wheezing, dying) and these North Face leggings are perfectly lined with fleece to keep me warm during the cold morning runs! I snatched these with the burgundy velvet cardigan at Marshalls! I cannot wait to wear them?

Where?: Cara Loren. One of my fav things to do is pair a baggy v-neck with highwaisted pants or skirts and tie them in a knot. I found this brand on Instagram Cara Loren who sell tons of cute clothes including this 'Werk' shirt.

Where?: Target and Cara Loren. If you've ever been around me, you know I layer the crap out of everything and I am obsessed with chunky loose cardigans. I grabbed this rich forest green one at Target and then completed my collection of loose feminine tees with this one from Cara Loren. I'm at work most days and I have to layer to keep warm and I love tees like this to stay comfy and not irritable with how tight some clothes can get! Ha! 

My tips for this season:

  1. Knot a loose t-shirt in one corner with some high waisted pants and it looks like you tried a little harder that day :P

  2. Mustard, plum, olive, and maroon pants go with everything fall so invest in a good pair.

  3. Finding your new wardrobe doesn't have to completely break the bank. Be patient and search through for sale racks online or if you have some spare time, dig through the Marshalls, or T.J. Maxx's racks and see what good deals on good brands you can find.

  4. Layering can make outfits seem more put together and adding details makes your personality shine through each outfit even if you're wearing the same thing that everyone else is wearing.

  5. Wal-Mart has great oversized layering plaids for fall in the guys' section. Try some of those on for that oversized boyfriend looking flannel.

  6. Make a checklist of some items that will be really versatile so you can mix and match and get your money's worth!

  7. Invest in a few items too that have bright patterns or colors to really set your wardrobe apart from other people!

xoxo, Char