Nordstrom Rack Pre-Opening Sale || Fashion Fall Haul


Tuesday, I got the chance to go to a pre-opening sale open to a select number and shop around Nordstrom Rack. Y’all. So good. You need to go and bring yo moolah. I know quite a few people were asking me what my experience was and I’ve got to say that I was impressed. It wasn’t as cheap as I was hoping but for the quality and the fact that it’s Nordstrom will up the price anyhow. I found all of my items to be in good condition and in a good color selection. Most of my clothes ranged from $20-40 dollars with the exception of my jeans.

Story time, I was searching in the purses and found my favorite brand that I’ve never actually bought from-Frye. Everything is made from genuine leather and is extremely posh for a bunch of stitched up leather. My co-worker and I were digging through the racks and she found them for me. Word of advice to take from this experience. Read the price tag before getting your hopes up and figuring that you’d win favorite child for giving the best present ever award. I went back to get the dark leather bag for my mom, knowing that she’d love it and for some reason, rechecked the price tag. I reread it over and over because surely my eyes wouldn't tell me $200 when I thought it said $40.  It's safe to say that would have been super embarrassing if I had bought two $200 purses because I wanted me and my mom to live out the Frye clothing dream. Tuesday was not that day to let those dreams out yet. 

Any other tall girls out there that struggle with finding dresses long enough to touch the knee and not look like a pilgrim? Because same, girl. I wanted a plaid scarf immediately because if you know me, I own an entire trunk full of blanket scarves, #sorrynotsorry and I love wearing them with boots and a dress. My favorite thing for every season is to find that pop of color piece (something unusually loud for an outfit) and then pair it with that season’s popular colors. This season has been standout greens and yellows??

|| Namaste in bed || Elbow pads are life, man. Also I already knew I was going to buy these pants when I touched the fabric and realized how soft they were. I got a large in the pants to fit looser and more comfy cozy and got a medium in this navy sweater with these dang cute elbow pads. If I didn’t already have a love affair with cardigans and didn’t own all the colors they offered, I would’ve bought so many more elbow pad sweaters. I mean all of them. Honestly.

Y’all know I hate jeans... well, most of y’all. They never fit right, they dig in or they just look terrible on me but these. THESE JEANS.A co-worker convinced me to try on these jeans from Hudson. They. Feel. Like. Butter. They are so soft and comfy and make me love wearing jeans. I got them for over half off at the Nordstrom Rack and also picked up this super cute camel backpack from their accessories area. I almost wanted to hate them because as soon as I tried them on and saw the price tag, I knew that I was playing a dangerous game.

Shirt: Free People

Shoes: Threads Boutique

I found this inspiration picture on Pinterest of this girl wearing a burgundy red velvet sweater with a gold skirt and I couldn't get the image out of my mind. Out of the things that I hauled from Nordstrom, this is on my list of must have's for this season. I checked off my new bag, this Christmas item, and tighter jeans to fit into boots. Booyah. These do run a lil' warm but nothing that chilly Memphis low 80's Christmas weather won't help fix. Sarcasm here, y'all. I know I'll burn up but look darn good having a heat stroke. 

My haul prices:

Yellow Peasant Dress: $36.97 || original: $70.00
Burgundy Velvet Bodysuit: $11.66 || original: $88.00
Scarf: $14.99 || Original: $30.00
Sweater with Elbow Pads: $26.97 || Original: $90.00
Gray Lounge Pants: $21.97 || Original: ??
Hudson Jeans: $86.97 || Original: $200.00
Backpack Purse: $40.00 || Original: $88.00

Added up original price WITHOUT the lounge pants comes to $566 dollars.

That's about how much these brands would be on Nordstrom or at these other retailers, but at Nordstrom rack, I got them for half. Now I know what you're thinking...I think it too whenever someone says "look how much money I saved by sale shopping!" when you just feel like laughing at the absurd amount they paid for. You're probably thinking, "Wow, she could've saved all that by just NOT shopping at all." but now where is the fun in all that?

Happy shopping, y'all.

Can't wait to check out the home goods section of the store next, haha, (don't kill me, Mom....For real...) 

xoxo, Char