Thankful Thursday + End of 2017


I know, I know, it's actually Wednesday but for the sake of alliteration, it's gonna stay Thankful Thursday, m'kay? 2017 has been a growing year for me, not only did I hit my last adult milestone by hitting twenty-one but I ran in a series of races (I've never even run before) and completed a half marathon.

I went to New York for the first time; my car broke down on me leaving me on the road for the first time then the second time; I've worked for my salon for nearly a year now and almost completed my apprenticeship; I've learned so much about the beauty industry; I've nearly written another 50,000 word novel for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month); and through my boyfriend's constant encouragement and building relationships with other Christians, I've learned the some things in my life aren't pleasing to God and to continue to grow in Him, I need to let go of those things and work out and pray for the kinks in my wildfire personality.Here are five things that I'm especially thankful for this season:

  1. God who forgives me when nobody else does and gets me through the toughest situations. Seriously. Running alone isn't smart or going home in a rattling van. Standing up for the Gospel truth even when people don't believe you and think your crazy is even more difficult unless you have been backed by the Holy Spirit.

  2. My boyfriend, my family, + my sweet friends. Y'all the real MVPs for sticking around to listen to me rant or rejoice with every little milestone that my tiny community brings me like each added 100 on my IG page or getting noticed by the brands that I love promoting so much.

  3. My church family. Don't tell me that y'all didn't run with me, encourage me in my business or actually sacrifice your hair for the dozens of haircuts I've had to do for my model classes. Y'all are seriously the best clients to tell me, "Whatever you need to practice, work on, or whatever you think looks best!" Y'all are the most dependable and FUN clients.

  4. My job. Anyone who knows me knows that I'm obsessed with hair, beauty and the whole nine yards. Also everyone knows how much I dig into classes and further knowledge for this craft. I. Love. It. Not a lot of salons offer the kind of apprenticeship and willingness to teach you like the other stylists. It's practically unheard of to get into a salon that invests as much into you as they can.

  5. My little basketball family. You girls on my team as well as my peers in coaching all those years ago, don't know the kind of encouragement you give me and spiritual refilling you accomplish. Nothing like coming in from a long day and just being filled with the presence of other believers and watching them work so hard and grow as young Christians.

xoxo, Char