2018 || The Year of Growth


Two thousand and eighteen. It will mark the year that I continue to grow. I want to grow in Christ. I want to grow into the Christian He wants me to be. I want to continue in what He wants me to do. I want to grow closer to Him.

My boyfriend used to have this mentor who would challenge him every Saturday that they met to something new. He told me of this one cool idea. He said to write down your dreams/goals and what you'd like to accomplish and then just pray over that list. A great deal of it wasn't realistic now. I mean, what twenty one year old would own his own dream house, have a nice car, be married, have kids, and the whole nine yards all by that age?

But it can happen with baby steps. Prayer does work. What is scary about writing down the impossible? There's no success without failing. How boring that would be.

In twenty-eighteen, I want to grow. I want to try new things. I want to be adventurous. I want to crush my goals. I want to get to surpass something I see as a stretch. I want to write down my goals, and at the end of the year, see how I nailed these expectations with prayer. Or even better, see why those things didn't work out the way I wanted them to and see what better thing took it's place. God always has a plan for us, not always what we chose."

As the year comes to an end, don't look back on yesterday's disappointments. Look ahead to God's promises left to unfold." - Buky Ojelabi

  • Lose five pounds. HA, I know. Everyone's favorite goal for every year. But guess what, that's all I want to lose right now. That's attainable if I just stop eating Chick Fil A every other day! (nearly impossible goal to stop eating that delish Jesus chicken)

  • Save $500 in January. (one problem I face is spending money on pointless things that don't help my health nor any of my goals. This is also an easily attainable goal, if I just stop eating out so much.)

  • Run a Marathon. (in 2017, I ran a half marathon and it was absolutely exhilarating to finish something so cool. Let's go big or go home.)

  • Get a car. (also easy to attain since I have enough saved up for one but also has been such a struggle since I prefer to spend my money on makeup, food, clothes, and any sort of passing enjoyment. Most of my philosophy can be wrapped up in the famous Parks and Rec quote, "Treat Yo Self")

  • Save $5,000 (this one is just a personal thing. It needs to be done anyway but it will also be difficult since I am to become a full fledged stylist sooner rather than later and my cash flow will purely depend on my clients coming in every day/week/month.)

  • Become debt free (also personal but easy to maintain after I finally kick this little bit I have left to pay to the curb and quit spending money on just anything around me.)

  • Get reposted (Instagram) by a high following Instagram account like Modern Salon or Behind The Chair/ a product company like Pink Pewter or Live.Neekas (my personal favorites for hair accessories) for one of my hair pictures. (this one is big for me since it will mark that someone other than myself believes in my hair styling abilities and that way I can grow outside of just my own account. I know, it probably sounds a little silly to anyone who isn't in that field of work, but it would mean something huge to me.)

  • Get to 200 Youtube followers. (Also something that sounds a little silly to anyone that is looking from the outside. I love making videos. It's extremely fun for me to share my makeup since I get so many questions and compliments on my looks. I think it's important for people to share knowledge they know-especially in the line of work I am in.)

  • Get to 1k following on Made Up and Cuttin' Up's Instagram. (most of these will not resonate with just anybody. Most of my generation will understand since our culture revolves around social media so much.)

  • Get another camera. (currently the one I'm eyeing is a Canon Rebel T5 since it's compact enough to go traveling with as well. I typically use my cameras more for video but also for some of my projects that I haven't had enough time to do recently.)

  • Become a full fledged stylist and graduate the apprentice program. (another easily attainable goal since that is looking more promising by each month that goes by. I will most likely graduate fairly soon to the salon floor and be able to include my clients more than just the makeup and styling.)

  • Post two videos a week on my Youtube. (this one is a time commitment. Made difficult to create content that I'm proud of and uploading and editing videos in whatever spare time I do have. Especially since I usually film early in the morning as I'm getting ready for work and I workout very early on most days, thus eliminating my getting ready with me type of videos since I'm not going to film in the gym's bathroom after I shower)

  • Posting a blog post once a week (also difficult to have enough to write about since I write on whatever has been stewing on my mind which can take several weeks to come up with the exact wording I want to use.)

  • Finish the Black Nightingale: The Nightingale's Crown (I write books in my spare time and draw. Something of which that I absolutely love and can never give up. I've always wanted to be a writer.)

  • Finish Freefall (another novel of mine that I've been working on for years.)

  • Complete makeup kit + take a makeup training class (one thing I want to focus on since I do get more than a few clients for this, is completing a perfect kit and growing in my talents and skills. I want to know everything there is to know about makeup, hair, and writing. I am a knowledge junkie. I like being a know-it-all :P )

  • Be bold with the Gospel. (as loud as my personality is and extroverted as I am, I also want to channel that into spreading the Gospel. I am bold when writing and bold in my beliefs but standing up for that in the face of adversity when I stand alone is something I need to work on. It's easy to crumble in that circumstance.)

These are whatever I've come up with for my New Year's Resolutions. I want to be bold. I want to grow. Bring it on twenty-eighteen.

xoxo, Char