Five Tips For The Beginner Runner

  1. Don’t start off running five times a week unless you are doing very small mileage or sprints but even then, it’s not terribly smart. Best tip I ever received for working out and running was to run three times a week and do weights in between.

  2. Resting is important. Exercise tears your muscles and the resting part helps build them back up so you can tear them all over again :)

  3. Accountability is key. A group I run with meets at 5:30 every Wednesday morning which means that I wake up at 4:30 to get out of the house on time with some breakfast in me. If I don’t email them back saying that I’ll come, I know that I will wake up and immediately have nobody relying on me to make it there. You bet you bottom dollar that I go back to sleep.

  4. Invest in running shoes and a headlamp. Try to get some fitted from a running store and save your knees that extra strain. Running isn’t good for your joints anyway so be careful and save your body that way. Headlamp will light the way when running early or late. You’ll faceplant in the dark or worse, sprain your ankle and be out for longer.

  5. That comes down to my last tip and the best one for ya. Don’t ever run the mileage that you race. Always run below it. You can get away with running 5-7 miles twice a week and a long run like 8 to prep for a 10 mile race. And I’ll combine another tip for this one, it’s okay to stop and walk a little bit. My time wasn’t even affected when I walked up the hills on my last race. I saved myself and walked before I got too tired on the long race and ended up having enough energy to finish strong and not feel like dying.

That’s it!

Happy running people and seeya out there on the course!

Xoxo ,Char  

P.S. This comes from one of my followers over on Instagram when I asked about tips on running and such... "What helped me the most was doing it every other day and if you have trouble motivating yourself to do it, run with a friend or partner. After I ran a set distance for a while, I started running a set amount of time. And another very important tip! When beginning, don't over do it! Find a comfortable pace."

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