Life Update: What's been happening in December + January


Let me just start with saying how much I love being able to wear sweaters and scarves and bundle up under blankets and watch movies while the fire is going and how much I freaking love Christmas time.

Okay, now that I've started off on a positive note, I can now launch fully into my rage concerning the streets and Memphis drivers. As most of you that personally know me, I drive a massive red van. Like giant red van complete with shutters on the windows. Don't ask. It's not a safe looking car, lemme tell ya. That being said, I've been driving this honking big truck for all of my driving career-since I was fifteen, okay? I have NEVER gotten into a wreck until 2017. It was so minor and stupid that it frustrates me. My side mirror hit someone else's mirror and made the teeniest, tiniest scratch. The woman flipped like I had totaled her car.

Okay, fast forward to this fall/winter. Not one, no two guys happened to have the same minor lapse in judgement and within three weeks of one another (right before Christmas may I add) slammed into the back of my giant red van. How do you miss it? You may ask. Heck if I know, honestly. The first guy just startled me and surprisingly didn't do any damage behind my neck hurting for what seems like forever that day. The second guy made excuses and crescent moon shaped my bumper while I was heading to go see my extended family a minute from my family's house after work. It was raining and dark so I will allow that to impede his judgement/eyesight. But. don't. run. away. from. the.

Also upon the second rear ending, I reported the incident to the police only to find out that my license had expired and I had to go renew it in person since the compute refused to work for me online and acted like I had never done anything remotely similar before. Not a good foot to get off on for the holidays. I can't drive with an expired license. So I started work late one day just to get my license renewed. Now, I know what you are thinking. I know I didn't get anything in the mail. Weird, right? Just a normal car trouble kind of month, honestly.

Now that I've updated you on all of that, lemme just also tell ya this exciting news and get back to being positive instead of being a Negative Nancy. I GOT A NEW CAR! Well, it's used but new to me and anything is better than dropping nearly $60 on gas every time I go to fill it up.

Christmas was a whirlwind at work and attempting to stay in shape. The last being harder than the first one by far. Christmas cookies should be illegal. So. Good. And addicting.Thankfully in January, everyone has been just in the same weird limbo from holidays to looking forward to the spring and warmer weather. It's days like these that I love to just sit inside a coffee shop and down lattes with my girl from words_of_grace_b (look her up on Instagram. She's the bomb and also one of my oldest, dearest friends).

In the middle and end of January, I've been running just a little bit more. Snow and ice days have depleted my work hours significantly so I set myself up for success with killing some content for my business pages. I ran through that content within a week however and now I'm back to square one. :P

The snow and ice days canceled our first run (a 3k) and we ended up running the 3k and the 5k back to back Sundays for the Off Road Winter Series. Let me tell you about the first run real quick. I was out of shape. Okay, moving on now. Second race, it had been raining almost nonstop the day before and this trail is not for the faint of heart. Not only did it have puddles bigger than my bed, but they were deep and the hills and valleys of this race reminded me sharply of a hiking trail more than a running trail. My time was awful but I finished. I twisted my ankle and nearly faceplanted, earning some more bruises and injuries to the list. But let me tell you the positives, I finished two races. I got an uber cute t-shirt. I have a goal to run towards so I don't get lazy. And I love goals. And also, that means I can eat more since I am running. The positives, my dudes.

I know each little paragraph is a completely different unrelated thought but that's kind of how my brain works and how I operate so... here it goes? January I was asked by one of my good friends to possibly move out. If I move out before I can, I will screw myself up credit wise and put her in a bad position and also not be able to afford a lot of little luxuries I'm used to. The good news is that if I save up enough and stop buying so much makeup, I can afford to do all of this and more and become one step closer to becoming a full fledged adult :)

Thoughts or advice? I don't really want to hear that it's super expensive; I'm aware but any advice on how to save or how you keep your costs down in our house would be much appreciated.

In January, I set myself some goals, not resolutions and so far, I've already crossed off these or kept steady with these commitments.

  • Get a car: CHECK

  • Post to Youtube two times a week: Going steady

  • Post to the blog once a week: Going steady

  • Finish The Black Nightingale: The Nightingale's Crown: Going steady

  • Be bold with the Gospel: I have started posting a ton of my Coffee Chats with Char on my Instagram and I think I may post them here on the blog just to keep them around longer. I have different followers on both.

  • Get to 200 followers on my business Youtube: Going steady, already added three from the start of posting somewhat regularly. I am excited for what this brings.

  • Get to 1,000 followers on my business Instagram: Going steady, adding new followers all the time that seem to be sticking with me and my new revamp of my theme. It isn't so much every three is the same pattern, but keeping similar colors and creating crisp and clear content. Posting regularly also helps. (Sorry for those I annoy)

So far, only one has officially been checked off, but through the snow days that I've had recently, maybe I can make use of my time that I'm not working and plan out more themes or write more buffer posts to keep on track with my little goals.

xoxo, Char