CCC || Cabin Fever


I can’t be the only one with cabin fever this time of year. Some would call it a depression of sorts. Besides the insane wanderlust that follows me every season change, January gets especially bad. It’s cold; work isn’t as busy, and the cold dreary weather outside haunts me to become depressed.

I won’t have any of it.

My challenge for you in this gray weather to blast K-Love as loud or as softly as you want to. Just have it in the background as you weave through the angry drivers on their way to work. Wake up to a morning of just a psalm or proverb to start your day off right (my favorite is a proverb in the morning to begin with wisdom and a psalm at night for thanksgiving) + end the day with another. My thing recently has been taking pictures of whatever verse stood out to me. The TRUTH sticking straight out and I make it my wallpaper. When I check my phone for the time or a text, I see that verse all day.

Xoxo, Char