Introducing Coffee Chats With Char


I wanted to do this little series every now and then to get some things off my chest that I’ve been thinking about. When I first started my ‘gram, I was convinced that I would post tons of spiritual posts underneath pictures since that’s what I did so much before but for some reason, my focus was diverted. It takes more time out of your day to go read the Bible but ultimately, what are five minutes to growing in your walk with Christ?

I challenge YOU as much as I challenge myself to not only take a five minute quiet time at night or in the morning when it’s convenient but also a five minute break when it’s not. People around us go through all sorts of growing pains, breakups, and stress in their lives. Everyone does.

So what is five minutes more spent with your Bible during any of these times?

Everything actually. Happy twenty eighteen, y’all. Let’s get to growing in Christ!

Xoxo, Char