CCC || InstaChristian


I read somebody’s advice for posting on social media, several people actually, and when asked what they suggested NOT to post, they all said a variety of things but every single one included religion of some kind. So help me if someone sees my page, or anything that I do or say and thinks that I might try to hide my faith in Christ. I want it to be seen. I want it to overflow in every single part of my life, including my job where I constantly deal with people and interact with them.

If I ever skirt away from sharing Christ or refuse to post something because I may lose followers, then I have much bigger problems than who is following me on Instagram.

My platform is to share Christ, share how He blesses me daily and encourage you in your walk. It’s not just a religion.

It’s my identity.

If I didn’t have a mission statement before for this page, or any of my pages, then I do now.

Thank y’all for all of your support and love. I hope I can return it all back to you and some. 

xoxo, Char