Settle Down


First things first, my personality 100% is competitive goal getter. I will fight to reach the top and do little else when I hone in on one particular thing. I'm very much I get what I want type of personality. Here are the pros and cons of this personality type.


  • Very driven.

  • Says things and actually follows through. (Most of the time ;) )

  • Always improving

  • Dependable


  • Always wants more more more, not satisfied easily

  • Spends way too much money on things despite needing to save

  • Hoards too much crap

  • Heavily competitive means taking things personally when not reaching goals.

  • Gets bored easily with past goals

Let's just talk about this. I'm a wee bit crazy. So pros and cons aside; I can surf Pinterest for hours and recreate the perfect house and the perfect wardrobe but eventually I tire of it. Why do I do this? Why does this personality tend to do this? Better yet, why do ANY type of humans do this?

Because we are all sinners and the hole in our hearts can be easily but temporarily filled with material things or ideas instead of God.

I fall into this trap way too often and find myself scraping to get back out of the cave I've dug myself into. I get these ideas and goals in my head and go into pits of despair when I can't attain them immediately.

There is a way to have a healthy goal oriented mind and still have a great spiritual life.

The problem begins with how you approach the day. Do you start with Jesus time or thinking of what you are going to do that day? My advice that I need to follow myself begins with this; begin each day with a Proverb (the wisdom book) or verse from the Lord like in Matthew when He is preaching to the people about how they should behave and model themselves after Christ. Then pray for the day and pray for His blessing and guiding your hands and thoughts in whatever you do.

Acknowledge that Christ controls your life and you want to complete the day with whatever HE has in store for you. And then listen. If He tells you to just slow down for the day, listen. If He tells you to give yourself some time away from people and just spend a little alone time after work, listen.

Settle down.

Goals will come.

Blessings will shower down on your head. Be patient. Be still and know that He is Lord. Lord of your life. Lord of everything. Then your goals will become fulfilled. And if they don't, they sucked as goals anyway and God didn't want you to have them.

He has something better in store for you.

Xoxo, Char