CosmoProf Beauty Show || Nashville 2018


The whole weekend was planned out with a small travel plan and lots of stops for nachos and pizza. Seriously, the amount of sour cream, tomatoes, and beans that I inhaled over the past two days has been extreme to say the least but no less delish if I'm going to be completely honest. Thick thighs save lives, okay? 

My outfits always clashed with whatever mural we went to, EXCEPT FOR this awesome wall of Draper James, the clothing company that Reese Witherspoon created. Her gorgeous face was stamped over the door with her mini twin, her daughter! Also my shirt is from Free People and my jean shorts are from Nordstrom Rack. They are too big but I love them and they don't hurt my stomach when I lean over, cue the reason why I usually hate jeans. 


Y'all!!!!!! This lil' flower truck is what dreams are made of. We all deserve to have a powder blue volkswagon follow us around this hipster town of Nashville full of all of these gorgeous flowers. If I had been staying there or even lived around this truck, I would've bought a bouquet in a heartbeat. My mom was a botany major and I think that a bit of that rubbed off on me. It's funny too considering how many people suggested florals when they thought of me and I would not say I'm a particularly flowery human being. I hardcore love me some flowers, don't get me wrong, but I typically think of black and white and coffee shops with something gold. I guess the whole sunflower theme really cemented that into people's brains. 


I very confidently told a girl in our group that this was a church because of the gothic architecture and grand clock. As we walked down the road, I didn't realize how many of these buildings there were, and looking back, I'm almost positive it was a train station after all. That being said, I'm OBSESSED with architecture like this and need it everywhere I go. I think I belong in Europe where they have all of these crazy amazing old buildings with all of those intricate towers and stained glass windows. 


My group of hairdresser buds! This trip was definitely super fun to share with someone else who shares the love of hairstyling with me!


FIRST OF ALL WOW. SECONDLY, I GOT TO SIT FIRST ROW TO SEE MY HAIR GURU JENNY STREBE. Can we take a moment. She creates all of these wicked cool hairstyles like the twisted edge fishtail and cascade waterfall braid on the model above and then showed us a fascinating way of blending rope braids together for two bridal party looks.

I immediately went on a man hunt for some models and already have enough to try these out on my own. Stay tuneedddd...THE JENNY STREBE, a.k.a. The Confessions of A Hairstylist. The hair wizard herself. She has taught me more things in her app and hairstyling game than most teachers out there and she breaks everything down so easily. She also shares a deep love for wedding updos and creating something unique for every single individual person.

How cool is that? I strive to be like her style in that regard. I never want to be boring and I never want a bride to look exactly like the last one. We are all unique in our own way. 


Another hairstylist that I got the pleasure of sitting in on a class for was a new face that I didn't recognize but I totally follow along with now. Her name is Christina and she is a boss hairstylist and taught us a super cool social media class. If I took away nothing but the pose that she showed me, it was definitely worth sitting in on!

If you notice how I stand in the picture at the flower truck, I sink back on that leg versus hip popping out and planting my hand on my hips to extenuate where all my weight sits.

It takes away ten pounds. Your welcome.  


We woke up stupid early to dive into Biscuit Love before it got too full and wrapped around the building. I got the Southern Benny, a giant biscuit with ham and eggs and gravy poured over top. Let's just not talk about how many calories I devoured over two days, okay?


Okay. Y'all, if you paid any attention to my Life Update + My Family's Obsession video, you know I have an issue with buying coffee mugs. This is no exception. This mug was for my dad to add to our, I mean his ;) collection.


If I was a really dedicated foodie, I would have shown you all sorts of artsy pictures from all of the food I inhaled but I'm not that good at those so have a delish picture of some barbeque pizza from The Whiskey Tavern. Their. Nachos. Are. Life. The End.  

Okay to wrap up my lil' refresh of this past trip, I traveled in my first Uber and realized just how fun it was to talk to random people as you drive; I realized that you have to be absolutely sure that it's your Uber before you all pile in before they realize that we are not the right "Jessica" group, just in a car that looks exactly like your Uber; I learned that I cannot hear anything and have to constantly repeat myself but saying what? all the dang time. I know I'm annoying. :D

Also, don't ever try to wear a white shirt when their's a possibility of rain because you will get rained on and have to rely on your thick hair to absorb it before making your shirt see-through.


Free People in Green Hills is legit and houses too many cute things, including these flowy yellow pants.

Also apparently I resemble Serena Van Der Woodsen's style from Gossip Girl so honestly I'm thriving at this news. Blake Lively is goals.

Don't ever wear new shoes out in a city, especially wedges because then you will get four huge blisters and it will become a struggle to walk. I learned that I should remember when to have fun and tell the nail techs in the Nashville area that hate Memphis and think that you will get held up by just stepping outside your door because we are so crime ridden that yes, we do get held up every day and we constantly wear bullet proof vests because we are just that dangerous.

And lastly, I must remember that Nashville is an adorable hipster town and every single man's haircut is exactly the same. Rock those close fades and gelled tops, boys. Ain't no shame in yo game.

Where would you suggest I go next?

xoxo, Char