God’s Plan


No, I'm not talking about Drake's song although that is now on repeat in my brain now. Thanks overplayed radio song.

I'm talking about God's plan for me and for you.I keep hearing this behind the chair, in my friends' lives, and in my own head. Those very dear to me peg me with the question of what is their purpose. What is their goal. I have no idea but I sure wish I did. I would love to give someone that peace of mind but the fact is that only God can do that.

And sometimes only God knows that plan for you. Someone I know is going through major upheavals in their life, adjusting to a different place, job, family stuff and not knowing who their future belongs with.

Someone I know is dealing with work stress, lack of money, difficulty in finding anything worthwhile and relevant to their college degree that they spent so much money on.

Someone I know got rejected from a job they wanted, can't find the positives in the daily grind, is frustrated with college still, and can't seem to climb back over the mountain to catch a breath.

Someone I know struggles with trust, not stressing out, having anxiety attacks when they let it finally worry them after ignoring it for so long, and overcoming work obstacles that will allow them to fulfill their dream and know that they aren't just wasting their time.

One of these is me. And I bet you can relate to one of these being you.

God's plan isn't something we immediately see. Some of us have no idea even when we have everything mapped out in front of us. Paul didn't know God's plan was for him to be blinded before he could truly see. He didn't realize he was persecuting God's chosen people and literally tearing down at what he thought was the enemy's kingdom.

Job didn't know why God wiped out his riches and his family when all he did was follow the Lord. He didn't know why He chose that. But Paul lived to be one of the greatest apostles and evangelists who led more people to Christ than we've probably met. Job got restored twofold from what he originally had.

I can guarantee you they didn't know because we are told through their eyes that they had no idea what amazing things God had in store for them.

My only advice for you and for myself is this. Pray to God. List out your goals and ask Him if those are pleasing to Him. Ask Him if He wants you to have that. Remember, ask and you shall receive. God remembers what is on our hearts. He alone knows. Pray that you can be still and patient while He answers you yes, no or wait. If it's wait, then pray for more patience.

Whatever you do, do it to the glory of Christ and with the simple JOY of the Lord in your heart. Joy doesn't mean happiness. Joy doesn't mean blindly grinning at anything because you think that is what Christ calls us to do. Joy is being content and happy with the Spirit and all He leads us to do. Joy is being content even when someone wrongs us because God says consider it all joy."2

Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters,a whenever you face trials of many kinds, " James 1:2

Joy is going to the job you hate or class with the unfair teacher in it because God has something else in store for you. He trusts us with the little things so that we can take care of the bigger things.

Luke 16:10 "Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much.

Sports in highschool don't teach us how to get a scholarship or give us a life long job in the NBA. Sports teaches us how to endure. How to work hard in life even when we lose the game. It teaches us to keep fighting through adversity and through sickness to reach our goals. It teaches us to have a good attitude even when we go to the championship eight times and lose seven.One thing I keep hearing from students recently is the panic in their voices from not knowing. They don't know. And that's alright. God has a plan for you.

Will you trust Him to fulfill it?

Xoxo, Char