An Adultier Adult


Ten things I've learned about being an adult for all of two seconds:

  1. It sucks. You have way too many responsibilities to even think possible. Why is this a thing? I revoke my membership.

  2. Friendships don't always last but the ones that stick around are there for keepsies no take backsies.

  3. You never have a summer ever again. Which again sucks. But also extraordinarily useful for planning because you know that you will always be working, even up to most holidays.

  4. You don't always get holidays off.

  5. There is never not a time where you don't owe money or have to save for something way less exciting than even a popsicle.

  6. You get to actually make plans, maybe even fly in a plane all by yourself.

  7. You actually have to call people when you want an appointment and not just rely on your mom to do everything for you.

  8. You need your sleep, so don't go to bed past 9 or you will be utterly useless the next day. Trust me.

  9. Your friends will most likely move away because not everything is located five minutes away from you anymore, especially your dream job.

  10. Also not everyone gets their dream job or have any idea what they actually want to do with their lives.

  11. Bonus, most adults still don't act like adults. Including yourself. Why on earth did you ever think they had everything together? This is terrifying.

And getting off of that depressing note, as an adult, I also get to look forward to marriage, a wedding, getting engaged, having babies and watching them grow up like I did, and continued to grow at my own dream job that I was blessed with.

As an adult, I'm also blessed with the ability to take up and go wherever I need to go. I have traveled more this past year than I ever have. I can build my own house and design everything and watch my family and future husband flourish around me. I get to watch all of them experience all that I did and see my future husband hustle and have his successes pay off. I get to watch my kids experience Jesus and know Him like I do, maybe even better. That's what I look forward to and what I've learned as an adult. What is something you've learned as an adult?

Xoxo, Char