Things That People Always Assume About Homeschoolers


Homeschool vs. regular school || 

Number one assumption: homeschoolers don’t have any friends. 

Number two assumption: homeschoolers are weird. 

Number three assumption: you were homeschooled because you were a Christian. 

Number four assumption: homeschoolers are dumb. 

Number five assumption: homeschoolers don’t have a community, much less sports teams. 

Fact: most homeschoolers I know are incredibly social and take classes outside their homes. It’s like a school but only for a day or two and we do all of the other homework at home. I could finish all of my school in a matter of hours versus 8 in school and then another however many in homework at home. I took math and latin by CDs so that I had a visual teacher that broke down everything when I didn’t understand it. 

Fact: homeschoolers are just as weird as normal kids because who isn’t weird? Even the football quarterback has quirks, y’all.

Fact: I was actually homeschooled mainly because I’m a Christian. You know why? Because we have control over what we ingest and I didn’t want to hear a bunch of silly theories that people who didn’t believe in Creation were spouting as the truth. Don’t fight me on this. Also case in point, how many bad influences have children had or succumbed to peer pressure because that’s what their friends were doing? I attribute most of my structure to not being distracted by that kind of thing. Can it still happen? Duh. We are all sinners. But removing me out of that environment certainly helps. 

Fact: I once heard someone go off about a homeschooler being dumb since they couldn’t read by the age of so and so. Guess what? Some people homeschool because their child can’t read. They can’t focus or they have a learning disability. I guarantee other parents fight this in school. How much easier for a kid is it to sit down without a timer or a teacher or any other distractions and go at their own pace? Think about it. Also most of my homeschool friends were the type to nail late 20s and over 30s on their ACT. I don’t know many public school/ private school kids that do that. Don’t assume that since one person isn’t putting forth effort means that all homeschoolers are dumb. I’ve seen literally everything across the board. 

Fact: Homeschoolers band together like glue. You find a homeschooler and they will have at least half their friends homeschooled. To be homeschooled, you have to be branched under a schooling system like off campus student or umbrella’d under a homeschool organization. It forces you to be a part of something and homeschoolers typically have tons of activities under said programs like art and sports organizations. I’ve been a part of two sports organization and coached for the last for several years. Not only did we have a team but we were extremely good almost all of the years that I played. Out of the 9-10 years that I played, we went to the national homeschool championship every year but once. We won it my final year. We also beat almost all of the private schools and public schools consistently through the years. I was always blessed with very talented teammates and good coaching but the point still stands. You don’t have to give up anything when you become homeschooled. 

I was homeschooled all of my life, only going to a ‘real’ school when I hit beauty school which further proved why I loved being able to study by myself away from everyone else. Personally, around others when I’m trying to learn, I get distracted and lose focus and have to separate myself when I studied. The common question is, “did you like being homeschooled? Do you think you missed out on anything?” 

I loved being homeschooled and it surprises most when I say that. I can be selectively social, meaning choosing to see people when I want to and having more time to pursue other things. I played piano, played basketball, danced ballet, drew, painted, wrote novels, and constantly hung out with my friends. I had an amazing childhood and even better schooling system that I could have a say in. My senior year I didn’t have to have but certain credits and I had done most everything else. I chose to take a novel writing course as part of my english subject and it was one of the most rewarding and fun parts of school. And to finally answer the last question, no, I don’t think I missed out on anything. I didn’t get personally attacked as far as bullying about my faith. I didn’t have to fear a school shooting. I didn’t have to waste any time on homework or schooling inside a classroom or not, and I didn’t get subjected to lies against God. Homeschool gave me the closest, sweetest, God fearing friends still from middle school and they’ve remained my closest friends til this day. 

Xoxo, Char