Focus-the word for 2019.

This past year 2018 I used the word Grow. I wanted to grow my channel, my page, my clientele, my experience, my walk with Christ, and my Youtube channel. I didn't reach a lot of my goals with growth in numbers but I am renewed and focused for 2019. 

Focus- I don't want to be just good or mediocre about everything. I don't want to just do everything. I found out very quickly how bad I was when I divide my attention between four main things and try to hang on for dear life. 

2018, I was down on myself for a job I didn't feel like I was growing in. I felt like I still had so much to learn and I was itching to always do something. I slightly satisfied this with posting constantly about braids and hair and took a step back from constantly teasing so much and just try for the more effortless look. I babied my own hair and dyed it red-something that I've wanted to do for a year now since considering it seriously. I found out my love for hair begins and ends with natural and effortless. I grew my clientele at a new job, got so much more experience and built up a roadmap to what I eventually want to be as a stylist. 

I started another job to make up for the slow moving beginning as a stylist on the floor of a salon able to take clients and just put in my two weeks notice to end the year with only one main job and be present for work related things on off days and finally able to just focus on one major job. This will also allow me more rest in the long run since I will not be working every single day of the week minus some Sundays. I can now branch out and fill that day with errands, social media content, and time to myself to continue working out.

#CharsThickToFit began when I could not handle not fitting into my many many clothes and had more or less stopped working out. 

The trick to crushing your New Year's Goals is to start a month early. You know that weird beginning of February when you've made excuses all month of January and then never did what you said you would do? December begins the next year's goal. Go out and crush it. By the time you start really working that habit that you are making or eliminating, January will have started and you won't feel so behind and discouraged. 

Another tip for the new working out habits, get a buddy or a partner to keep you accountable. Heck, hire a trainer if you have to. Get that one workout in a week with them and take it easy the first week if you don't workout every day. Just workout and when you start feeling better, go crush that fitness goal. Another tip, do not weigh yourself for at least three weeks after starting a new diet or fitness journey. You don't want to get discouraged by the lack of movement or too encouraged if you drop a bunch of water weight and nothing else for awhile. These changes take time. Just establish the habit first. Then focus.

xoxo, Char