Coffee Chats with Char || New Year, Same God


It’s funny how everyone wants to better themselves + grow closer to God in the coming New Year. That’s not even a bad thing but the only thing I hear are the words only and maybe signing up for a class to read through the Bible.

While none of these things are bad, it makes me wonder how we can get so tired and sick of ourselves that we pay tons of money to get back to the gym and lose that holiday weight; or we suffer through the coldest months pretending that we don’t want Starbucks or it will break our new diet.

I’m not saying don’t have New Year’s goals, but rather, would you be putting this same effort into growing closer with God? Would you get tired and sick of seeing the same ol same ol sinner still stuck on that one repeated offense we can’t let go of? Would we spend tons of money on new Bible studies to help us engage and think of the Bible in a different way or have others become our accountability partners when we make that effort to set the alarms not for gym in the morning but for church on our one day off?

I am far too guilty of this thinking myself + coming up with excuses at bed when I’m exhausted and when I think that I’ve “thought on Jesus’s words enough for today in my daily life” instead of just opening the Bible for that tiny snippet of the Bible? Jesus died on the cross for you and me and we spend more time wondering what people will say if we quit the gym already on day two because Wednesday is the middle of the week and man, we are tired already.

We grow closer to God when we ask to grow.

Ask and you shall receive.

Don’t ask if you don’t want to grow. You’ll stay in the same little hole all your life if you never ask God to take you out of your little box.

2019 I want to Focus. I want to Focus on God, not just on habits but on spending more time and prayer with Him. The Bible talks about us praying without ceasing. When did that become five minutes before I fell asleep and forgot all about what I read?

Focus on the scriptures. Hone your thinking and remember Christ.

Focus on Him.