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I started back reading a lil’ more + came up with some key points from a book I’ve been reading. Perhaps you’ve heard of it, “Girl, Wash Your Face”. I didn’t even realize that this girl was supposed to be a Christian but here’s a key statement that popped off the page for me.

  • From her book she states that many women put family, work, and faith down on a list of what’s important, and depending on who that is, the list can change and reorganize judging on their priorities.

    Firstly, she says no one places themselves on that list and the secondly, she advocates that we need to put ourselves first on that said list.

  • As a motivational speaker, I enjoy this book since she does a good job of kicking you into gear to get up and do something and stop believing the lies that society feeds us.

  • But more importantly, the biggest lie in our day and age is to love ourselves more than any other.

  • Yes, self love is important. The Bible tells us to love each other as we love ourselves. How can we love if we hate ourselves? But WE are not the most important. The lie perpetuated by society is to be selfish and ignore anything that doesn’t make us feel good. Spankings don’t feel good but every parent should agree that they are for the better good to a misbehaving child.

    God punished the Israelites. That wasn’t pleasant but that is a part of our sinful life. Lord help me if I become more selfish by trying to put myself first in everything. Yes, I will love myself and make time for myself to just soak up God’s word. But no, I will put others first in a situation and most importantly, my God is always at the top of my priorities list.

    Will I make mistakes? Yes. But I’m choosing to love God, love others and put myself in other’s shoes before I determine what they need.

  • It’s actually toxic to have that selfish desire to only please yourself. Lord help all of us who decide that it’s OUR time to shine instead of You only. I am who I am because God has mercy on my selfish nature. Every day I will strive to die to that self, not enhance it. So girl, strive to not be selfish.

    Girl, love the Lord.