Coffee Chats With Char || YOU Are The Problem


Your Greatest Enemy is Yourself.

The people who need to hear that the most are going to laugh at this but trust me on this one. I’m going to be pretty transparent with y’all. I’m always one for honesty.

Char’s Thick To Fit took a massive nose dive with eating out and being too lazy to hit the gym as often as I want it to. The only way I am going to get back into running shape, in fitting into my clothes’ shape, into working out consistently for health, starts and ends with me.

I have to get out and run.

I have to track it and not be lazy.

I have to wake up early and make sure I get to bed on time so I’m not useless the next day.

I have to drink water like I’m supposed to.

I have to eat healthy snacks to not binge on junk food.

I cannot keep making excuses even when my body says heck no I’m too sore.

YOU alone have an obstacle like #CharsThickToFit is for me. YOU alone + not anyone else is to blame. YOU by God’s help can get there. I was never raised on excuses + personally I cannot stand them. They make me so mad to hear someone that can help themselves but choose not to by constantly issuing excuse after excuse + whining. Thank you, next.

I’m choosing to get my butt to the gym. I’m fighting to get back to my healthy self again. I will NOT get in the way of my own progress + neither should YOU. YOU can do this. YOU were created for this. “Who knows if perhaps you were made queen for a time such as this?” Esther 4:14 go out and be a Queen at what you do.